Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday with Mimsy!!

Today we had a fun day with Christie and Mims!! I haven't posted about it on the blog, but my sister and her fam recently moved away. Cue the tears!

I haven't been able to write that post, or think about it to be honest!

Christie had a doctors appt. here today, so we had a slumber party last night! So fun!! The kids have beenfighting err playing like crazy!! Jack and Mims have been so cute hugging all the time! Well, when he's not hitting her on the head?!? We had a fun lunch at the Potpourri House, my favorite!!

We also did a little shopping at the mall. Where I may or may not have bought out the twisted peppermint stuff from Bath and Body!!

These two had a blast on the rides!!

This afternoon my Mom graciously helped me make 20 gingerbread house for B's class party. Let me just say mistake! What was I thinking, they took forever and were quite messy!! I am just crazy busy and stressed right now!! I love how the husband and kids say, "I just love Christmas time!". Well, of course you do!! I do everything and you sit back and enjoy!! HaHa!! Just kidding!! I cherish being a Mom, and getting to be and do everything for my family!!

I am knee deep in decorations, presents, hot glue guns and MESSES!! Toodles!!

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  1. I love the twisted peppermint! And you look great, Queen Bee!

  2. Love the pic with the sippy cup! LOL!

  3. Love the pic of Jack and Mims - too cute!

    20 gingerbread houses? Girl, you must be crazy! j/k! I can't wait to see pictures of them!

    You're looking awesome!