Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

Yes.....I am fully aware that it is January 8th and this is just now getting posted but better late than never!!

Christmas Eve we headed to my parents place in Mineola for our traditional Christmas dinner. Christie, Cragg and my parents were all gracious enough to come up to Lindale/Mineola for Christmas, so we didn't have to travel! My Mom cooked her usual Christmas eve dinner of Beef tenderlion with all the fixings. I have to admit I have had mixed emotions since my parents sold what we refer to as the "big house" a year or so ago. Last Christmas they had just sold the house in September and it hadn't really sunken in. We had Christmas eve and Christmas day at my house, and that was the first time we had veered from our normal program EVER!!! This year as many of you know has been full of change for us. My sister-best friend- only family here in Lindale with me, moved. I knew this Christmas would be different and hard....I am a stickler for traditions, and frankly I don't like change. Don't get me wrong I am very grateful that we are all healthy, happy and able to get together for the holidays, but I was having a hard time this year with things being different.

We all had dinner at together at my parents and it was great, just different. Food was wonderful, family check, but I soooo miss our big Christmas get togethers in Lufkin. Enough of the sobbing, here are our precious kiddos on Christmas eve!!

Trying to get a decent picture before we headed to dinner....

Well just lay back and relax Jack...

All 3....even more difficult. I swear Mims always looks and smiles, my 2 look CRAZY!

Me and my FAVORITE boys!! Love our little family!!

Jack and Mims had a blast opening their presents!!

Sweet Mimsy practicing being a Big Sister!!

My B-man loves his guns!! He is a true Texan!!

With the kiddos now, our Christmases have changed. Instead of Christmas Vacation and Cocktails it's now trying to have dinner and wrangle kids. HA!! I wouldn't change it for the world!!

We drove home and got ready for Santa's big visit!! We put out our Reindeer food, courtesy of the May family!

We then put out the brownies from Santa, yes brownies. Apparently that is what OUR Santa likes!!!

It was a great Christmas Eve!! Ryan knew how I was feeling and assured me that we are creating new traditions for our boys, and that they don't know any difference. He was of course right and I am super blessed!!!

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