Sunday, December 19, 2010

LCH handout Day 2010!!

Saturday was the big day!! Since November Lindale Christmas Helpers have been hard at work!! LCH a great local organization, which I became involved in this year; they take on kids in need to make sure they have Christmas.

LCH has been collecting food, shopping for toys and clothes, and wrapping!! There are so many wonderful people that make this event possible. I was so blessed to be involved with them!! The joy that we experience from the gratefulness of the families is just indescribable!! It's just heart wrenching and warming day all at the same time!!

What happens is children or families are put up to adopt. Each child receives a blanket, bible, jacket, shoes, clothes, toiletries, and toys. Additionally, each family receives a turkey, milk, oj, bread, and can goods so they have food for Christmas. It is truly amazing!! This year we had over 250 kids and over 130 families!! WOW!!

Saturday was our big day, handout day!! I was do thankful that I was feeling better just in time!! The 24 virus was gone!! Praise the Lord!!

Here are a few photos of all the food, and presents. You really can get a grasp unless you see it in person! I have adopted kids in the past, just bought the gifts and turned them in. I have a whole new outlook this year after being involved!!

Gifts wrapped and sacked up by family ready for delivery!!

Bikes, bikes and more bikes!!

Here is just some of the food!

Here we are...handouts! Let the tears begin!!

Making miracles happen!!

I am just in awe of all the people that make this happen every year!! It is truly a blessing for so many of our local families!! It was such a joyous day full of emotion!! God is so Great!!!

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