Saturday, July 31, 2010

Beach Boys!!

We are beaching it this week/weekend! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Schwan's Visit

I will admit it has been a LONG time since I have ordered from the Schwan's man. Like, I can't even remember the last time. Don't get me wrong I like them and all, I just kind of forgot about them. So a friend and I were talking a while back about the things our kids ate. She reminded me of the Schwan's man. So I thought well I might try them out again.

So today we had a visit from the big yellow truck!!!

Barrett had to talk the poor guys ear off, and look all over the truck at everything!

We then headed to Tyler for some errands and lunch with Mims, and Christie. We ate at the "grapes" as Barrett calls Olive Garden. As we were pulling up he said, "I hope we aren't going to the apple place!" Meaning Applebee's, which was right next door and no offence I despise as well! HA!

At lunch he was looking at some of the bottles of wine around the restaurant and asked if they were champagne. I said, No buddy those are cheap wine. He then said I have something funny to say, but y'all will get mad! Umm, no we won't tell us! HA! He said y'all are WINE GIRLS and died laughing! Well I can't say that he is totally wrong.

Just a second ago while typing this blog, I thought I heard Barrett talking to Jack. I knew that wasn't possible because Jack was napping. I said, hey B what are you doing? I hear his nervous response, "NOTHING!" So I go in the kitchen to see, and HE HAS GOTTEN MY BABY UP!! After I made sure Jack was okay, I asked B how he did it. He said that he pushed the glider ottoman up to the crib climbed in, put Jack on the ottoman, jumped out and then brought Jack out. Like it was no big thang!! WHAT!!?? I tell ya, the child is WILD!! I explained to him that he could never do that again, something terrible could have happened. His response: "Mom I'm 5 almost a grown up, I can get a baby out of the crib. Just as long as it isn't a giant baby." OH OKAY!!!

Now it's off to swim lessons where I'm sure more shenanigans will be happening!!

A Rough Creek Visit

Yesterday afternoon we headed to Rough Creek for a visit. A lot of work has been done since Jack and I had been. I was so excited!! I am a very visual person and when it's just a slab, it's hard for me to tell what it will really be like.

It's coming along GREAT!!! I am so looking forward to it! The boys were in heaven with all the tools and things to play with. Jack was carrying around a drill that weighed as much as him!!

I don't think the boys will ever want to stay at home!! It's a gloomy Tuesday here, and I'm off to the gym....hope everyone has a great day!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

My new Best Friend!

Ok, let me start with the fact that I love Tori Spelling!! I have read all her books, love her shows, her kids clothes, and her jewelry!!

I also follow her on Twitter. The other day I was checking Twitter and noticed she was on HSN selling her jewelry. I turned it on and I saw a necklace that I liked. So I called in to order it, don't judge! HA!! The automated system asked if I would like to speak to the host and the guest. So I thought why not?!?! I held for a short time and then I hear, let's go to Kelly from Texas. I was so excited to talk to her, I know I sounded like an idiot! She heard Jack jabbering in the background and asked about him! She was super nice and I was so excited!! Ha! Dork I know!! I thought it was pretty neat!!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back to Normal

Yesterday it was back to the grindstone for me washing, a little cleaning, etc. Barrett and Ryan got up early and headed to Rough Creek to drop of some lumber and get the crew started on the cabin. The wall are going up! Pretty exciting! Barrett has just been crazy, he LOVES going out there to work and jumps at any chance to go. We put him to bed on Sunday night and he could hardly go to sleep because he was so excited. He started out in his room but I found his blankets and pillows in the playroom the next day, he even had his jeans on while he slept so he could jump up and go. Ryan asked if I woke him up Monday morning and I said no, Ryan said it's like he had an alarm set! HA! I think he does the it's time to go get dirty and ride tractors alarm! Ryan told me that one of the guys working out there asked him what he wanted to do when he grew up? Barrett said, "I'm going to be a worker man like you!" Who knows, lately he has been in between dream jobs; a pilot, a worker man, and like Daddy.

After he got home I had to hose him down, he was filthy as usual! The boys and I then spent the late, hot afternoon outside with our friends and neighbors Emilee, Bailee, and Mollee Kate.

Jack has been crazy about this old scooter, every time we are outside he grabs it. The problem is that he falls off of it ALL the time!! We have scratches and bumps all over, OH the life of a boy!!

Cara and I were talking yesterday while the kiddos were playing and she said she ordered the girls backpacks yesterday from Pottery Barn and they were back ordered. I told her the same thing happened when I ordered Barrett's a few days ago. The backpack is back ordered until August something or other, I mean it's JULY people!! I am not ready to start thinking school yet, but I guess I better seems like everyone else is!! Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend at the Beach

This past weekend we spent another wonderful weekend at the beach! After a long car ride with two sleepy heads............................

We made it!! I just love the beach, I don't care for the drive, but when I get there I just want to stay forever!

It was my parents, my boys and I, Christie and Mary Michael, and Julie (my cousin). The weather was pretty good we had rain early on Saturday, but the rest of the time it was great. The beach was absolutely gorgeous! I have no clue why my child HATES to take pictures!

While it rained on Saturday the girls all headed to Galveston, while Big B and Ryan kept my boys. It was the first time in awhile that I have been without both of the kiddos and it was a treat, HA!! We had lunch at one of our favorites the Mosquito Cafe.

We then did a little shopping on the strand! Christie and I wanted some new Waxing Poetic charms for our necklaces.

While on the strand I purchased a book called, "Infinite Monster". It's about Hurricane Ike, and peoples survival stories and accounts of the storm and recovery. I have almost finished it. It still amazes me to this day the lack of coverage the media, and frankly everyone gave to this storm and it's devastation. The book is really great and the stories are amazing!

At some point on the trip Barrett's imaginary friend "pedo" whom we haven't heard about in FOREVER, made an appearance. When Barrett was little he would always blame things he got in trouble for on "pedo". I asked Barrett to draw Pedo a long time ago for me and he did. So when Barrett said something about "pedo" being at the beach house, Christie asked him to draw Pedo for Julie. We thought he might draw something different, but it was exactly as it was ages ago. Pretty Freaky!! So here is "pedo"?!? Let's hope he stayed at the beach!

We had a great weekend once again! I can't believe it is the END of July!! Where has the summer gone? I hope to be back at the beach this weekend soaking in some sun!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sunday Funday

On Sunday we hung out around the house with Ryan's family. The boys were excited to have their Nana and PawPaw visiting. The boys had fun helping Nana get ready and playing in all her stuff.

So silly!

We had some lunch and then the boys decided to wash Nana's car for her. Ryan was giving Kolby the third degree! He said, "when I was at home I kept her car and her yard clean, now it's your turn!" Kolby was less than amused, Ha! Big brothers, gotta love them.

Barrett decided to wash his bike......

and then himself?.................

Ryan had taken in a fishing boat at the dealership and the brought it home for the boys to look at. Barrett wanted to go fishing right then and there!! They had fun playing around in the boat. They looked completely redneck playing in a boat, in the front yard!! Oh my!!

These silly boys, sometimes there are just no words!! HA!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ranger Game

This past Saturday we took Barrett, Paw Paw and Uncle Kolby to the Ranger's game.

Barrett was very excited about the game, or it might have been the cotton candy, popcorn and souvenirs he knew would be there! HA!

We got there early enough so that Barrett could try and get some autographs. Luckily our seats were right at the first base line and the dugout where they guys sign. Barrett and I waited in the line for awhile, until he decided he was just to hungry to wait in the line anymore!

Turns out because of a special presentation before the game the team was not signing that day, so it's a good thing we didn't stand in that line forever!!

Before the game we saw the cutest little boy, about Jack's age playing out on the field. Then I looked over and saw Nolan Ryan standing out there watching him play. It must have been his grandson. It was so cute. Then PawPaw pointed out that there was another celeb hanging out with Nolan Ryan; it was Charlie Pride.

We started talking to the couple sitting next to us, they were season ticket holders. She asked me if I had heard about the poor gentleman that fell from the upper deck at Thursdays game. I had heard and read about his fall, thankfully he was doing well and had even been released from the hospital. For those who haven't heard. A young man was reaching over to try and catch a foul ball and he fell into the seats below. The couple asked me to look at my seat. I could see that my seat bottom was different from all the others. She said that I was sitting in the seat that he fell into! It was a little surreal, out of all the seat in the stadium, that I would be in that one.

I think Barrett whacked everyone around us with this foam finger! He had so much fun, I think his favorite part was doing the wave!

The Ranger's didn't win the game, but it was a great time for all of us!!

Zoo Day!

On Friday the boys and I headed to the Zoo for a fun afternoon!

We ended up spending more time at the play area at the zoo, because the boys were more interested in running around like animals versus looking at them!

Going to the zoo with Barrett is always a lesson in hunting. For example while we were looking at the white tailed deer, I was showing Barrett how they were in velvet at this time and explaining the process of shedding antlers and etc. He says, "well all I know is that's a daddy deer and I would like to shoot him." Geez buddy!! Then while looking at the mountain lions; he explains to some other zoo patrons that his Dad goes mountain lion hunting and how he wants one to hang on our wall. Oh help me please!

This little boy is finally feeling better, and I am so glad!

No trip to the zoo is complete without petting the goats!

Barrett is kind of over the goat petting, but he knows how to play the game for me. Smile for a picture and I might get a treat, HA! Ryan says to me at least once a day, "he is SO your child!"

Friday, July 9, 2010

A Stinky Day!

We have been quarantined in the house for the past few days. Jack has been sick and I think I have washed his sheets 1000 times!! Yuck!

Yesterday on our way home from Sonic happy hour, a buzzard was on the road in front of us. It started flying away, so I kept driving and apparently he didn't fly high enough. I somehow hit this thing!! AHH!! I can't explain how nasty this was. Luckily he hit the front grill and not the windshield, but it still was not pretty if you know what I mean! B and I were both gagging all the way home! When we got home I washed off the remains of the buzzard, TERRIBLE! I after it was all cleaned, I thought, I pulled my car into the garage. Later when we walked out into the garage, the stench was unbearable!! I quickly backed the car out and then I waked over to inspect the car again. Mind you, I had a surgical mask on because I have a super sense of smell which was not coming in handy!! Upon closer look, there was ALOT of buzzard left on the grill that I failed to see or get off. We were leaving for swim lessons and I didn't have time to got to the car wash right then; so off to swim lessons we went, buzzard and all! Let's just say no one parked next to me, imagine the Texas heat and smell!! YUCK!!

On a much more pleasant note Barrett did great at swim lessons! He might have talked the teacher's ear off, but he did have fun!

After swim lessons we went out to dinner for some Mexican food and then my WONDERFUL husband pressure washed my car! He was not at all thrilled when I told him what happened! He told me that he has seen buzzards break through windshield and the car would have to be totaled because they couldn't get the smell out!! CRAZY!! He said I should always slow down when I see them in the road, don't worry, I will! Luckily he took the car to the dealership today for further clean up. Ha! Hopefully today will be much less eventful!! Happy Friday Y'all!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pouring at Rough Creek

On Monday we left the beach early to head home! We had something VERY exciting taking place. We poured the slab for our cabin at Rough Creek!! It was a long drive from the beach to Palestine, but we made it with only one quick stop in Lufkin to drop Kolby off at home. When we arrived they were still pouring, thankfully!! Barrett would have been super disappointed if we had missed it all!!

Barrett and PawPaw put the boys initials on the porch.

Jack missed all the excitement, he was asleep in the truck.

This boy was in heaven!! He was trying to help, and asking all kinds of questions!!

I looked over and I saw this little doe just watching all this commotion going on. Ryan said, "Babe pretty soon we will be sitting on our porch watching deer in the peace and quiet." Well I don't know how much quiet there will be, but I sure cannot wait for that day!

We are so excited about our soon to be cabin! I know it will provide many fun days and tons of memories!! Now the real work begins!!