Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back to Normal

Yesterday it was back to the grindstone for me washing, a little cleaning, etc. Barrett and Ryan got up early and headed to Rough Creek to drop of some lumber and get the crew started on the cabin. The wall are going up! Pretty exciting! Barrett has just been crazy, he LOVES going out there to work and jumps at any chance to go. We put him to bed on Sunday night and he could hardly go to sleep because he was so excited. He started out in his room but I found his blankets and pillows in the playroom the next day, he even had his jeans on while he slept so he could jump up and go. Ryan asked if I woke him up Monday morning and I said no, Ryan said it's like he had an alarm set! HA! I think he does the it's time to go get dirty and ride tractors alarm! Ryan told me that one of the guys working out there asked him what he wanted to do when he grew up? Barrett said, "I'm going to be a worker man like you!" Who knows, lately he has been in between dream jobs; a pilot, a worker man, and like Daddy.

After he got home I had to hose him down, he was filthy as usual! The boys and I then spent the late, hot afternoon outside with our friends and neighbors Emilee, Bailee, and Mollee Kate.

Jack has been crazy about this old scooter, every time we are outside he grabs it. The problem is that he falls off of it ALL the time!! We have scratches and bumps all over, OH the life of a boy!!

Cara and I were talking yesterday while the kiddos were playing and she said she ordered the girls backpacks yesterday from Pottery Barn and they were back ordered. I told her the same thing happened when I ordered Barrett's a few days ago. The backpack is back ordered until August something or other, I mean it's JULY people!! I am not ready to start thinking school yet, but I guess I better seems like everyone else is!! Have a great Tuesday!


  1. As a mom of four boys, I'm a little partial to sons...but I must say your little fellows are quite the cuties!

  2. Hey visiting from Jenna's Blogging Challenge. Though I would say hi. By the way your boys are ADORABLE! Love your header as well. Did you make it or have someone else do it?