Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Fourth at the Beach!!

WoW! It's JULY!! Where has the summer gone? We spent a wonderful long weekend at the beach!! We love celebrating the 4th at the beach!!

Barrett was so ready to get to the beach. He asked EVERY day last week, "do we leave today?" We headed to Lufkin on Wednesday night and got up early Thursday to go to the beach. We had to take a detour because the tropical storm/hurricane flooded HWY. 87. We had to go to Galveston and take the ferry to Port Bolivar. Whew, it was ugly. Pouring rain in Houston and terrible traffic on 45 made for a VERY long drive!! We finally made it!!

Big B and SuSu had a great surprise waiting for Barrett when we arrived....a go cart!! He loves it! He loves to give the babies ride on it.

Friday was rainy off and on, but we had two beautiful days on the beach Saturday and Sunday!

The Beach Boys!

Ryan's Brother Kolby came with us...he is such a big help with the boys!!

On Saturday some family friends joined us, the Jacobs. They stayed in our neighborhood while their beach house is being rebuilt. Their son Matt who I babysat when he was my kids age, is now a fabulous young man!! He is a great surfer, he was getting a new surfboard. He and Rick decided to get Barrett his first one!! When they gave it to him he was SOOOOO excited!!

Matt took him out to try and teach him! Ha!!

How cute is my little surfer boy!! He may not be able to surf just yet, but he sure looks the part!!

Saturday was our big firework night. We go in with a couple of other families and do a huge fireworks show. Everyone in the neighborhood looks forward to it. Poor little Jack got sick right after I put him to bed, so I had to stay home with him and miss the show. We did sit outside on the porch and watch from our house, it was just a little far away but still very pretty. Ryan timed the show and it was 36 minutes of constant fireworks!! Barrett just loves it!! Of course since I was at home there are no pictures to speak of! HA!!

There were rides of ALL kinds.......

Babies on the gator.

Barrett is getting so big, he DRIVES the golf cart now by himself!!

Go cart rides!

And many, many golf cart rides!!

And let's not forget the "supermabel rides" that even the babies wanted in on!

Barrett trying to hang with the big boys!

On Sunday we hung out on the beach again and that evening had dinner at the Winston's house. We grilled and had lots of fun! There were MORE fireworks too!!

Here is my best attempt at some cute pictures of these kiddos, they WOULD NOT cooperate!

It was a great few days and I did not want to leave!! We love the beach, but it's back to reality...until next time!!!

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