Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fabulous Day!

Today has been a truly FABulous day! I started the day off with a workout. The boys and I and then headed to get our new babysitter, Cheyenne. She kept the boys while I went and got a manicure!! Two week ago exactly I had gotten the CNC Shellac manicure which is supposed to last for 14 days. And it does! I have never had polish stay on so well, I love it!! So great!

After my manicure Ryan and I went and got something WONDERFUL!!!............

And to make my day even better!!! Tonight at Midnight I will be watching this......

I love today!!


  1. omg, i was just talking to someone about that manicure the other day! i'm so jealous!

  2. jealous, jealous, and jealous of all three.