Friday, June 25, 2010

Splash Kingdom Friday!

Today I decided we were not sitting around at home, we were going out to do something! I called Christie and Leeanne and we headed to Canton for Splash Kingdom. We got there right on time and got our spot under the umbrella...thank goodness! We ran into Jerretta Nance and her precious girls, it was a nice surprise!

The water was freezing at first hence Jack's face! HA! It was pretty overcast at first, but later the sun came out. We all floated the lazy river and then had some lunch. After lunch Leeanne and Christie watched Jack and Barrett and I headed to the big slides! Barrett was a little hesitant but he said as long as I rode with him he would do it. We made the climb up the VERY tall stairs and when we were about half way, he looked down and started rethinking the situation. I told him that once you go up the only way down is the slide. He finally agreed and we proceed to make our way up to the top. While waiting for our turn it started to rain and I thought they might not let us go down, but it stopped thankfully!! We had the double tube, B rode in front and I sat behind him and wrapped my feet around him for extra safety. It was a pretty fast ride and VERY fun! As we came off the lifeguard told me his eyes were like saucers! He loved it! I was so proud of him!

Jerretta said I see Jack keeps you busy, "yeah just a little! Ha!" He is ALL over the place! I was talking on the phone while he was walking around in the kiddie pool and he went down and I had to yank him up by the arm. I see people laughing at me, Oh yeah Mother of the year!!

Jerretta made the mistake of telling Barrett that Mr. Mike, her husband bought a new track hoe. I told her he was going to be down at her house wanting to ride it! As soon as we got home he was outside working, they boy NEVER stops!!

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