Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dragons T-ball Party!

Friday was a crazy day! I was running around like a mad woman trying to get the house ready for the t-ball party. Jack decided to start the morning off with yet another mess!!

Mims and Shi Shi came over for lunch. Jack is so funny, Mary Michael was eating some lunch in his chair and he was trying his hardest to climb up there with her! He was like, hey this is my chair lady!

I was a terrible planner on Friday. I decided to wait until the day of to do EVERYTHING for the party, plus I decided to move furniture and clean out my closet?!?! I have NO clue what I was thinking!! I was cleaning and got so busy with the house, I looked at the clock and it was 5:00!! The party started at 6:00 and some of the Mom's were coming over early to help. At this point I hadn't started cooking OR taken a shower and gotten ready!! Ryan walks in at this time and says "You better get ready." I'm like are you kidding me, I know!!!!! I was so scatter brained this was by far the most unorganized I have ever been for a party! One MAJOR problem my Mom wasn't here to help me, HA!!

Luckily the Mom's that were coming early were late too, so I took a shower and then rushed to get everything ready!! NOTHING was set up as I would have liked it, but when you have no time and have to let your husband take over, what can you really expect!!

In the end it was fine! The boys had fun and I don't think anyone but me cared how everything looked!!

Ryan was the grill master and cooked hot dogs for the boys and fajitas for the parents.

Tracey, one the other Mom's makes cakes and she did this FABULOUS cake!! It looks just like their hats. She is amazing!! I told her I am going to come observe her and take lessons!!

The boys got their trophy's and most important candy! I think they all had a blast! I KNOW this little man did! He was one sweaty, tired little boy!! He did tell me that he wants us to have the party every year!!

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