Saturday, June 19, 2010

Party Preperations

On Thursday after my workout, the boys and I headed to Sam's for a few party supplies. Barrett had been looking forward to Friday ALL week, because yesterday was his end of season T ball party at our house! We had to get some food and drinks for the party, since I was at Sam's I called Ryan to see if the dealerships needed anything. Of course they did, so we had a VERY full buggy! Barrett kept saying "Mom this buggy is going to break, I think we need a flatbed!" I explained that there was nowhere for Jack to sit on a flatbed and that wasn't feasible. I somehow fit a ton of things in 1 buggy, but at the checkout the cashier said "Mam, you are going to need a flatbed." Well fine!! Barrett got his way after all! Here is our flatbed full of goods, imagine a 5 year old riding on this and me pushing it while holding a 25 pound baby! It was a sight, HA!!

While we were at Sam's I found the cutest swimsuits for the boys.....and they were super inexpensive!!

The boys decided to help me clean when we got home, Jack loves the vacuum thing and Barrett loves to take it away from him!

After a day of hard work, nothing beats the sprinklers and a Popsicle! Barrett and the DeWolfe girls had a ball on the trampoline with the sprinklers on!!

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