Sunday, June 13, 2010

Barrett Lost his First Tooth!!

I knew it was going to happen while we were in Mexico, B's little tooth was hanging by a thread before we left. Sure enough, I called one day to check in and he got and the phone and said "Guess What!! My tooth is gone!" I was a little sad that I wasn't there for his first tooth, but I should have known! Barrett was almost nine months old the first time we left him for a trip. We went to Maui and left our baby for 8 days!! It was so hard!! What did he do for the first time while we were gone...CRAWL!! Oh yeah, so with B I have come to expect that if we leave he will do something or have a first of some sort!! I got this text from them!

The tooth fairy came to see him and was VERY generous with his reward!! He is so cute with his missing tooth, and I hate that I missed it!! My Dad said "Oh it's okay Kelly, there are many more to come!"

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  1. omg, he's old enough to lose teeth?! ridiculous!