Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jack's first day at MDO!!

Today was bittersweet, my oldest walked into school by himself and my baby started Mother's Day Out! I just can't believe it!!

Here are the school boys today before we left!!

I was hesitant about starting Jack for MDO at this age. Barrett was three when he started, not two. I started him for one because with none of our parents up here to give me a break, I needed a day that I could do some things without kiddos. Second, Mim's is going to school with him and I think he needs the interaction with the other kiddos. Furthermore, why do I feel the need to defend my decision about this to EVERYONE???!!! CRAZY LADY!!

I love that Barrett is forcing Jack to look in this picture, Ha!! He know the faster he looks and smiles the sooner we are done with pictures!!

We dropped Barrett off at school and today was his first day to walk in by himself!! This is big people. I have been parking, getting Jack out and hauling him to the gym to sit with his class. Some of my friends were saying they pull up to the side of the gym and the teachers get them out and send the kids right in to the gym, HELLO KELLY!!! Barrett was not to thrilled with the idea, but he did it!!! YEA!! I watched him walking in as I was driving off and I almost got teary, such a big boy!!!

Next it was Jack's turn. I feel kind of bad for little Jack. Last night Christie was calling saying of what do I need to get together, nap mat back pack, etc. I was like, OH Yeah, they start school tomorrow huh?? I have been so consumed with Kindergarten I had forgotten all about little Jack's school stuff! MOM OF THE YEAR!! When Barrett started MDO he had his personalized nap mat and back pack, and for Jack I was scraping up B's leftovers...terrible I know!!

Jack and Mim's ready to head into school!!

I'll admit I was nervous Barrett hung on for dear life the first time I tried to leave him! We went in their room and put the bags up and then took them to the gym to play with the other kiddos. Jack was worming to get down and play the moment we walked in!! He took off towards a cozy coupe without so much as a goodbye!! I was relieved and shocked!! Then Mim's went to play and we ducked out! Walking out Christie was a little sad, and I was like Woo HOO!! We are FREE...for the next few hours at least!! Ha!!

We went to iron works and then to Tyler for pedicures. Were obviously tramatized over the mornings events because, while getting a pedicure my phone rings and it's the school. I answer prepared for "Kelly, come get Jack he has completely lost it!" It is the director and she says, "Kelly, did you guys have a lunch for the kids.?" Me: Well they are signed up to eat at school. She then tells me yes they are, but the school only serves on THURSDAYS not Tuesdays!! I'M FEELING STUPID!!I knew this my other child only went there for three years!! She told me they would feed them something...Bahaaa!! Thank goodness!!!

Then Christie and I wanted to eat lunch, but realized that we had only tennis shoes and couldn't ruin our fresh pedi's.........NICE

So we had to run in to Dillard's in paper shoes and get some real flip flops so we could go eat. Luckily we found some Reef's for six dollars!

When we went to pick up the babies, we were expecting crying and screaming reports. Oh NO!!! The director was cracking up laughing saying that Mim's was a tooter!! HA!! For once it's not my child!! Just kidding Christie, kind of!! The teacher said they both had good days and so did the Mommies!!! Praise the Lord!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday Fishing

On Sunday the boys minus Jack and I were off to lake for some fishing. Ryan begged us to go, but some how Lifetime movies and coffee sounded better to me. I'm glad we didn't go because Jack woke up with a random fever after his morning nap. We just hung out, did laundry and watched movies; it was perfect. I watched "The Back Up Plan" and it was actually pretty funny.

My little fishermen............

They didn't catch anything, they mostly rode around on the lake. Barrett said that is was burning outside and to hot to fish!! My thoughts exactly, that's why I was at home inside!!

Shotgun Saturday!

On Saturday the big boys were up early heading to....where else??? ROUGH CREEK! Ryan was taking B to practice shooting his shotgun. Dove season starts this weekend, and doesn't every 5 year old shoot guns????? Oh Me!!!

This poor baby just wants to know why he can't ever go!! I found him trying to climb up in the truck with Barrett, no buddy your stuck here with me!

When he got home, I asked Barrett if he liked shooting his shotgun? He told me yes, but you have to hold it tight or it will blow your arm back....recoil buddy, man up!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Boys of Fall!!

Well Y'all it is that time of year!! FOOTBALL season, and we have our first home game tonight!! I am so excited!! I just LOVE all things Fall. My friend Tiffanie from Pineapples and Pickles did a fall post today, and she was reading my mind! I love the fall weather, football, sweaters, dark nail polish, fall candles I mean I could go on and on!! Not to mention that my birthday and my boys birthday are all in the fall, plus my anniversary! I LOVE Fall!!!! YEAH!!!!

We headed to the game for the tailgating that takes place before the game, we help the athletic club with the water for the fans, and we set up our big airhorns!! Last year the hubs had the idea to build a trailer that has these airhorns or train like horns on it. Everytime the team scores, we sound the horns. It is pretty loud, just glad I sit in the stand and not down by them HA!!

PawPaw is the official horn dude!!

We had a great night for football it was actually pleasant outside!!

We got some extra seats this year and when we got to the game Barrett got a huge surprise next to him!! His best friend Sophia has seats next to us!! He was so happy!!

It was a long game with Jackaroo, he does not want to sit still!! As long as he has snacks he is pretty happy, but after halftime he was DONE!!

So Jack and I left Daddy and Barrett at the game, he was asleep before I got home! The Eagles WON!!! It was a great start to the season!!

Jack's Meet the Teacher!

On Thursday we took B to school, still adjusting to waking up early and getting out the door at 7:30! Then Jack and I hit the gym, she killed us yesterday, I am having trouble sitting to type right now!! We then headed to Tyler for some lunch with the girls and yeah, SuSu!! Jack was super excited to see his SuSu!! We hit up Tarjay and then headed home. I have been trying to transition Jack to ONE nap a day instead of two, not easy!! My boys love their naps!! Jack was so tired yesterday from the busy morning, he fell asleep on the way home. Here he is before I had to wake him up to go pick up Barrett from school......

After we picked Barrett up we headed to Sonic for happy hour, I just love that he gets out at THE perfect time for happy hour!!

Jack and Mary Michael are going to go to MDO this year and they had Meet the Teacher night! It was so fun, I just love our little church school! Mim's and Jack will be in the same class the 2 year olds. When we went in yesterday they both took off and ran in to play! So opposite from Barrett he clung to my legs...hope they like it that much next week! HA!! Jack threw and absolute fit when we had to leave, I mean FIT!! Hopefully that is a sign that he will LOVE school!!

After meet the teacher we went to Posado's for dinner.

This man is serious about his queso!! terrible i know!!

And my big boy!! I just feel like he has grown up SO much this week y'all!! I can't stand it!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Blog Look!

I wanted to THANK Danielle from the Design Girl for my new blog look!! I just love a change every now and then..shocker!! I think it turned out soooo cute!! Thank You Danielle!!!

School has been going great!!! I am going to be the Homeroom Mom!! Super excited about that, and Barrett is adjusting well!! I have been super busy these past few days! I don't know how all you working moms and mom's with a FEW kids do it!? Whew!! Have a great Wednesday everyone!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Barrett's First Day of Kindergarten!!

I woke up early on Monday and cooked Barrett one of his favorite breakfasts, frittata. We all sat down and and had a nice breakfast before B headed out for his BIG DAY!!

The Kindergarten Boy!!

My precious boys!!

A trying to smile Mommy! HA!!

I could not believe that my first born son was going to KINDERGARTEN! I had been soo nervous about it. My little man is a very sensitive child. I have worried; is he ready, will he be okay, will he like his class? He is so very schedule oriented and he loves to know what is going on, I knew all these changes would be hard for him. So after lunch was packed and ready we headed off to school! I left at 7:30 thinking we would be there EARLY! OH MY!!!! The traffic was horrendous!!!!!!!! We finally made it in the parking lot at 7:50. We were running in! I saw a few friends/Mom's who were leaving already, that's not good I thought!! One told me the first bell had already rang!! We kept rushing to the room and made finally made it in. I could tell he was nervous. Barrett asked me what time are you picking me up? I showed him on the clock when I would be there and he almost shed some tears. I whispered, "don't cry buddy it's fine." He managed to hold it together and I had to leave before I lost it and upset him!!

In class...not to sure about it.

I made it out with out crying, loaded up Jack and headed to the gym for Zumba. I knew if I went home it would hit me really hard so I tried to stay busy!! When I walked into Zumba all the girls asked me "WELL"....and I lost it! Right there in class! HA!! I finally pulled it together though. After class I headed home, got ready and then met Christie and Leeanne for lunch. Thank goodness!! While I was eating I was thinking of my little man in the cafeteria, I knew he was most likely overwhelmed and nervous. I just prayed that he was having a good day! After lunch I ran a few errands, came home and cleaned a bit, then it was time to go get my big boy!! Woo Hoo!!

Here he is getting in the car! He had a GREAT day!! I was so relieved and thankful!! His teacher said that he was a great helper!!

One day down....how many to go?!?

The Night before Kindergarten!

After Ryan's b-day dinner on Sunday, we rushed home to get the boys ready for bed. I had gotten some special books to read to Barrett, "The Night Before Kindergarten" and "The Kissing Hand".

They are both cute stories, but "The Kissing Hand" is just precious! I was in tears reading them, Barrett was like why are you crying??? We had baths and then Barrett wanted to read the stories again. While tucking Barrett in we talked about Kindergarten and if he was ready. He seemed really excited...thankfully!! We said our prayers and then hit the sack early, we had a big day ahead!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

This weekend it was my wonderful husband's birthday!! Barrett insisted that we get Daddy his favorite cookie cake for his birthday! So while Barrett and Daddy were at Rough Creek shooting guns, Jack and I headed to get the cake. OH huge mistake!! I forgot that it was tax free shopping weekend! Every yahoo and their 10 kids were out and about in the mall!! Jack and I quickly got the cake and ran out of the mall as fast as possible!!

The boys spent all day at Rough Creek, doing who know what! I think that is just about a perfect day for them. Pretty soon Jack will want to got too!

Sunday was Ryan's actual birthday. I tried to let him sleep in, not really possible around here. After holding the boys off as long possible, we woke him up and gave him his cards. We then headed to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.

We came home and had a relaxing day of watching the Ranger game with PawPaw. Ryan and I headed for an early dinner at Outback, where I enjoyed a couple of these.

We went early so that we could be home for baths and bedtimes, after all it was the night before kindergarten!! I love this man so much he is the best husband, father, brother, and son!! I don't know what I would do with out you babe!!

This was Ryan's present. He went on a bear hunt to Arizona, and got a great black bear.

Happy 33rd Birthday Babe!!!

Meet the Teacher!

We had a big Thursday last week! First we met our friends at the water park! Barrett had a great time playing with Emilee and Bailee!!

Sadly it was our last visit of the summer to the water park, okay maybe not so sad!

Barrett and the girls were running around like crazy trying to do everything!! It was a perfect last water park trip. Jack was completely worn out when we left!!

We headed home for a short rest and then it was off to "Meet the Teacher"!! We got to go see his new school and classroom. We met Mrs. Petty and she is super sweet!! Barrett said that he loved his classroom and he was ready!

Here is his little seat! I was not to terribly sad at "meet the teacher", I was just worried about the first day!!

After "Meet the Teacher" we headed over to the newly remodeled high school stadium for "Meet the Eagles". There was a whole lotta meetin' on Thursday! Ha!!

Barrett and Jack had a blast playing out on the new field! The stadium looks great! We have a new field house, track and field. The new field is synthetic, it was kind of weird, I am use to just the old grass.

Boys could you please look at me for just one pic?

Jack really wanted to play!!

Barrett doing drills with the football team!!

Jack LOVED running through the tunnel!!

It was super hot and sticky, but we enjoyed our very full, FUN day!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tyler Trip

Today after we had been beaten down thoroughly at the gym; Christie, Leeanne, and I made a Tyler trip. We all needed to go to Target and run a few other places. We decided to have lunch at Jason's Deli. We planned it so we would be there early!! It always get sooo crowded.

Mr. Messy here was all about the ranch dressing today! He was leaning and dipping off of Leeanne's salad so much, I had to get him some of his own. Which only made a HUGE mess!!

After lunch Christie suggested Orange Leaf a new frozen yogurt place. On this scorching day, it sounded perfect!

The kids had a blast running and playing on all the furniture, they could have cared less about the yogurt! Go figure!!

They have all different kinds and you can get a little of each one or whatever you want. They also have tons of toppings to choose from. I tried the red velvet, white chocolate, and cheesecake. They were all really good! Barrett had cookies and cream with sprinkles!

On our drive home, Barrett and I were having one of our deep conversations and he asked me if I knew that he caught a puffer fish at the beach. I explained to him that he probably didn't catch a puffer fish, it was probably a minnow or something. He replied, "Well if it was a minnow it was dressed like a baby puffer fish!" HA HA!!

I glanced at my clock on the way home and it was only 12:30 p.m.!! Whew it's gonna be a long day!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Project Monday

My boys woke up ready to go today! We were having gun fights and it wasn't even 9:00a.m.!! Oh ME!!

Don't shoot I give up!!

And yes Barrett knows that we don't point the gun at people, especially our brother. I mean really guys, I haven't even had my coffee yet!

Today I have been sweating ALL day, literally. First was Zumba, puddles people!! Then Christie and I decided to start an outdoor project now, in this heat!! We are CRAZY!! We did need to get it done before football season, but we waited till now to start it?? Who knows why!!! Lets just say it is a very involved painting project. I'll post the finished product....someday!!

Tonight is a huge t.v. night for me!! "Weeds" and the long awaited premiere of "The Big C"!! Get excited!! I know I am!!