Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Barrett's First Day of Kindergarten!!

I woke up early on Monday and cooked Barrett one of his favorite breakfasts, frittata. We all sat down and and had a nice breakfast before B headed out for his BIG DAY!!

The Kindergarten Boy!!

My precious boys!!

A trying to smile Mommy! HA!!

I could not believe that my first born son was going to KINDERGARTEN! I had been soo nervous about it. My little man is a very sensitive child. I have worried; is he ready, will he be okay, will he like his class? He is so very schedule oriented and he loves to know what is going on, I knew all these changes would be hard for him. So after lunch was packed and ready we headed off to school! I left at 7:30 thinking we would be there EARLY! OH MY!!!! The traffic was horrendous!!!!!!!! We finally made it in the parking lot at 7:50. We were running in! I saw a few friends/Mom's who were leaving already, that's not good I thought!! One told me the first bell had already rang!! We kept rushing to the room and made finally made it in. I could tell he was nervous. Barrett asked me what time are you picking me up? I showed him on the clock when I would be there and he almost shed some tears. I whispered, "don't cry buddy it's fine." He managed to hold it together and I had to leave before I lost it and upset him!!

In class...not to sure about it.

I made it out with out crying, loaded up Jack and headed to the gym for Zumba. I knew if I went home it would hit me really hard so I tried to stay busy!! When I walked into Zumba all the girls asked me "WELL"....and I lost it! Right there in class! HA!! I finally pulled it together though. After class I headed home, got ready and then met Christie and Leeanne for lunch. Thank goodness!! While I was eating I was thinking of my little man in the cafeteria, I knew he was most likely overwhelmed and nervous. I just prayed that he was having a good day! After lunch I ran a few errands, came home and cleaned a bit, then it was time to go get my big boy!! Woo Hoo!!

Here he is getting in the car! He had a GREAT day!! I was so relieved and thankful!! His teacher said that he was a great helper!!

One day down....how many to go?!?

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  1. I would've lost it long before you did. Heck, I may have even had Dad drop him off.