Friday, August 27, 2010

The Boys of Fall!!

Well Y'all it is that time of year!! FOOTBALL season, and we have our first home game tonight!! I am so excited!! I just LOVE all things Fall. My friend Tiffanie from Pineapples and Pickles did a fall post today, and she was reading my mind! I love the fall weather, football, sweaters, dark nail polish, fall candles I mean I could go on and on!! Not to mention that my birthday and my boys birthday are all in the fall, plus my anniversary! I LOVE Fall!!!! YEAH!!!!

We headed to the game for the tailgating that takes place before the game, we help the athletic club with the water for the fans, and we set up our big airhorns!! Last year the hubs had the idea to build a trailer that has these airhorns or train like horns on it. Everytime the team scores, we sound the horns. It is pretty loud, just glad I sit in the stand and not down by them HA!!

PawPaw is the official horn dude!!

We had a great night for football it was actually pleasant outside!!

We got some extra seats this year and when we got to the game Barrett got a huge surprise next to him!! His best friend Sophia has seats next to us!! He was so happy!!

It was a long game with Jackaroo, he does not want to sit still!! As long as he has snacks he is pretty happy, but after halftime he was DONE!!

So Jack and I left Daddy and Barrett at the game, he was asleep before I got home! The Eagles WON!!! It was a great start to the season!!

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