Monday, August 16, 2010

Fun Friday!

On Friday we decided to head to the water park! Christie and Mim's joined us and we were the first people in the park, HA!! We make sure to arrive first in line otherwise we don't get an umbrella, which for us is a must!

It was SO hot, so I guess the water park is a good place to be. We didn't have our friend Lee Lee with us, so it was a little challenging with the kiddos all wanting to go different directions! We had fun and spent most of our time floating the lazy river and drinking icee's. One GREAT thing about the water park is that they have DR.Pepper icee's, our FAV!!

Look at this little man all tuckered out!!

P.S. I was getting him ready to leave, I don't let my babe run around in a diaper! HA!!

We came home to rest and get ready to go find out who Barrett's Kindergarten teacher would be!!! They post a list outside the school and you can go up and find your teacher and see who is in your class. It was like drill team tryouts all over again!! Minus all the screaming and crying girls!

We saw a few of our friends checking out their teachers as well! Barrett got Mrs. Petty!! We are really excited, I have heard great things about her! B only knows one little boy in his class, but hey, better than none!!

For dinner we met Christie and Mims for at Posado's. As we were getting out of the car at Posado's, Barrett says "Mom I don't have my shoes!" I was like REALLY!! Who leaves the house without shoes?! Well that would be my child!! And no it isn't the first time. Luckily, Walmart is right across the street. I drove over and drug the kiddos out in the 100+ degree heat for the hundredth time that day, and grabbed some flip flops. We went back to Posado's FINALLY for one of these that I needed desperately.............

I'm going to need a few more next Monday! My first little baby starts kinder next Monday!! AHHHHH!!! I know that once he starts I will be like WOO HOoo!! For now I am holding back the tears!!

What will I do all day without having to clean muddy feet, and sweep dirt all day?

Jack and Mims had fun with the limes!! These faces were priceless but they kept going in for more!!

And feeding each other ice cream.......

It was a great Friday! This is officially our last week of summer! Can't believe it!!

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