Monday, August 16, 2010

Rodeo! {again}

On Saturday night our dealership in Sulphur Springs was sponsoring the Rodeo, some PBR event. So Christie the kids and I loaded up and made the drive over. We thought it would give the kiddos something to do. Well Barrett anyway, these two are happy wherever they are as long as there is food involved!!

How precious is Mary Michael, I love how she always poses for me! When Jack sees me with the camerea, he squints his face up and shakes his head NO!!

This little boy LOVES a rodeo!! He was super excited!! We get to sit up close and personal, on the dirt. Nothing like a little rodeo dirt flying all over you, sounds like a great night to me!?

He comes by it honest, I found this picture of Ryan at about the same age. Ha Ha!! He kept saying I'm going to ride bulls, Uh no your not!!

We had a great time! The kids really did enjoy it! To make the night even better we got to eat cotton candy, B and I love cotton candy!!

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