Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tuesday Fun

Tuesday started off with a bang, I headed to iron works at the gym. We have had a substitute this week and WOW, she almost killed me!! I could hardly get up today! So SORE!

After I dragged myself home and Jack had a nap, we decided to have lunch at a new place. My friend Leslie had blogged about Moore's Store in Ben Wheeler, TX. Christie, Leeanne, the kiddos and I all headed to Moore's, after finally finding it we had a great lunch! I had the club sandwich and it was so yummy!! On the weekends this place has live music, we will definitely go back!!

After lunch we all decided to go swimming at the pool. Leeanne has a great pool in her neighborhood and it is perfect for the kiddos. It was scorching outside, on our drive to the pool my car said 105 degrees. That is just to hot y'all!!

My sweet hubby called me on the way home from the pool and said he wanted to go to the movies. I rushed home and got ready and we headed to see "Charlie St.Cloud" Oh it was so good! It was a little sad, especially for a Mommy of two boys!! I do recommend it though! To top my day off Rachel Zoe started! It was a great Tuesday!

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  1. Fun times!! And YES! I would agree!! Too, too hot!! I haven't heard of that movie. I'm planning on taking Alise and a friend to see Ramona and Beezus this weekend (if she controls her attitude, that is!)!