Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tyler Trip

Today after we had been beaten down thoroughly at the gym; Christie, Leeanne, and I made a Tyler trip. We all needed to go to Target and run a few other places. We decided to have lunch at Jason's Deli. We planned it so we would be there early!! It always get sooo crowded.

Mr. Messy here was all about the ranch dressing today! He was leaning and dipping off of Leeanne's salad so much, I had to get him some of his own. Which only made a HUGE mess!!

After lunch Christie suggested Orange Leaf a new frozen yogurt place. On this scorching day, it sounded perfect!

The kids had a blast running and playing on all the furniture, they could have cared less about the yogurt! Go figure!!

They have all different kinds and you can get a little of each one or whatever you want. They also have tons of toppings to choose from. I tried the red velvet, white chocolate, and cheesecake. They were all really good! Barrett had cookies and cream with sprinkles!

On our drive home, Barrett and I were having one of our deep conversations and he asked me if I knew that he caught a puffer fish at the beach. I explained to him that he probably didn't catch a puffer fish, it was probably a minnow or something. He replied, "Well if it was a minnow it was dressed like a baby puffer fish!" HA HA!!

I glanced at my clock on the way home and it was only 12:30 p.m.!! Whew it's gonna be a long day!!

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  1. My kind of girl...red velvet, white chocolate, and cheesecake! How can you go wrong with THAT?