Monday, August 16, 2010

Project Monday

My boys woke up ready to go today! We were having gun fights and it wasn't even 9:00a.m.!! Oh ME!!

Don't shoot I give up!!

And yes Barrett knows that we don't point the gun at people, especially our brother. I mean really guys, I haven't even had my coffee yet!

Today I have been sweating ALL day, literally. First was Zumba, puddles people!! Then Christie and I decided to start an outdoor project now, in this heat!! We are CRAZY!! We did need to get it done before football season, but we waited till now to start it?? Who knows why!!! Lets just say it is a very involved painting project. I'll post the finished product....someday!!

Tonight is a huge t.v. night for me!! "Weeds" and the long awaited premiere of "The Big C"!! Get excited!! I know I am!!

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  1. holy crap, is that a lufkin L yard sign? whoaness.