Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Night before Kindergarten!

After Ryan's b-day dinner on Sunday, we rushed home to get the boys ready for bed. I had gotten some special books to read to Barrett, "The Night Before Kindergarten" and "The Kissing Hand".

They are both cute stories, but "The Kissing Hand" is just precious! I was in tears reading them, Barrett was like why are you crying??? We had baths and then Barrett wanted to read the stories again. While tucking Barrett in we talked about Kindergarten and if he was ready. He seemed really excited...thankfully!! We said our prayers and then hit the sack early, we had a big day ahead!!


  1. So sweet! My daughter's teacher did an activity with The Kissing Hand on the first day, it was adorable. Kids grow up way too fast! Can't wait to see Barrett's first day pics!

  2. I had trouble commenting on this post before, but I SO want to check out these books for Alise at out local library. Thanks for the telling us about them!