Friday, August 27, 2010

Jack's Meet the Teacher!

On Thursday we took B to school, still adjusting to waking up early and getting out the door at 7:30! Then Jack and I hit the gym, she killed us yesterday, I am having trouble sitting to type right now!! We then headed to Tyler for some lunch with the girls and yeah, SuSu!! Jack was super excited to see his SuSu!! We hit up Tarjay and then headed home. I have been trying to transition Jack to ONE nap a day instead of two, not easy!! My boys love their naps!! Jack was so tired yesterday from the busy morning, he fell asleep on the way home. Here he is before I had to wake him up to go pick up Barrett from school......

After we picked Barrett up we headed to Sonic for happy hour, I just love that he gets out at THE perfect time for happy hour!!

Jack and Mary Michael are going to go to MDO this year and they had Meet the Teacher night! It was so fun, I just love our little church school! Mim's and Jack will be in the same class the 2 year olds. When we went in yesterday they both took off and ran in to play! So opposite from Barrett he clung to my legs...hope they like it that much next week! HA!! Jack threw and absolute fit when we had to leave, I mean FIT!! Hopefully that is a sign that he will LOVE school!!

After meet the teacher we went to Posado's for dinner.

This man is serious about his queso!! terrible i know!!

And my big boy!! I just feel like he has grown up SO much this week y'all!! I can't stand it!!


  1. There's just something to be said about Sonic's Happy Hour and a bowl of queso {had some for lunch today myself!}!!

  2. AWWW Barrett has grown up. I can't believe he is in kindergarten. You are looking GREAT girl!!! Love your new pic and your hair is GORGEOUS!!!