Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jack's first day at MDO!!

Today was bittersweet, my oldest walked into school by himself and my baby started Mother's Day Out! I just can't believe it!!

Here are the school boys today before we left!!

I was hesitant about starting Jack for MDO at this age. Barrett was three when he started, not two. I started him for one because with none of our parents up here to give me a break, I needed a day that I could do some things without kiddos. Second, Mim's is going to school with him and I think he needs the interaction with the other kiddos. Furthermore, why do I feel the need to defend my decision about this to EVERYONE???!!! CRAZY LADY!!

I love that Barrett is forcing Jack to look in this picture, Ha!! He know the faster he looks and smiles the sooner we are done with pictures!!

We dropped Barrett off at school and today was his first day to walk in by himself!! This is big people. I have been parking, getting Jack out and hauling him to the gym to sit with his class. Some of my friends were saying they pull up to the side of the gym and the teachers get them out and send the kids right in to the gym, HELLO KELLY!!! Barrett was not to thrilled with the idea, but he did it!!! YEA!! I watched him walking in as I was driving off and I almost got teary, such a big boy!!!

Next it was Jack's turn. I feel kind of bad for little Jack. Last night Christie was calling saying of what do I need to get together, nap mat back pack, etc. I was like, OH Yeah, they start school tomorrow huh?? I have been so consumed with Kindergarten I had forgotten all about little Jack's school stuff! MOM OF THE YEAR!! When Barrett started MDO he had his personalized nap mat and back pack, and for Jack I was scraping up B's leftovers...terrible I know!!

Jack and Mim's ready to head into school!!

I'll admit I was nervous Barrett hung on for dear life the first time I tried to leave him! We went in their room and put the bags up and then took them to the gym to play with the other kiddos. Jack was worming to get down and play the moment we walked in!! He took off towards a cozy coupe without so much as a goodbye!! I was relieved and shocked!! Then Mim's went to play and we ducked out! Walking out Christie was a little sad, and I was like Woo HOO!! We are FREE...for the next few hours at least!! Ha!!

We went to iron works and then to Tyler for pedicures. Were obviously tramatized over the mornings events because, while getting a pedicure my phone rings and it's the school. I answer prepared for "Kelly, come get Jack he has completely lost it!" It is the director and she says, "Kelly, did you guys have a lunch for the kids.?" Me: Well they are signed up to eat at school. She then tells me yes they are, but the school only serves on THURSDAYS not Tuesdays!! I'M FEELING STUPID!!I knew this my other child only went there for three years!! She told me they would feed them something...Bahaaa!! Thank goodness!!!

Then Christie and I wanted to eat lunch, but realized that we had only tennis shoes and couldn't ruin our fresh pedi's.........NICE

So we had to run in to Dillard's in paper shoes and get some real flip flops so we could go eat. Luckily we found some Reef's for six dollars!

When we went to pick up the babies, we were expecting crying and screaming reports. Oh NO!!! The director was cracking up laughing saying that Mim's was a tooter!! HA!! For once it's not my child!! Just kidding Christie, kind of!! The teacher said they both had good days and so did the Mommies!!! Praise the Lord!!

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  1. You are so FUNNY! Oh my goodness, I was laughing out loud throughout this whole thing!!! 2nd kid...bahahaha...:)So glad the drop off worked for you! It is a small piece of heaven for me!:)