Monday, August 16, 2010

The Man of the House

This past Wednesday night Daddy left to go on a bear hunt in Arizona. After we saw him off, I was feeding Jack some dinner and noticed Barrett was not around. He emerged a few minutes later all decked out in his Polo shirt and boots & jeans. He said that he took a shower and put on Daddy's deodorant so he could smell like Daddy. Then he told me not to worry he would be the "Man of the house" while Daddy was gone! HA!!

He cracks me up!!

On Thursday we went to the gym and then headed to Tyler to run a few errands. We met Leeanne at Newk's for lunch, Yummy!! We then came back home for some laundry and playing around the house! Since we haven't been spending much time outside because of the HEAT, the boys are just so crazy!!! They run and chase each other all over the house. Maybe I am ready for school?? Just Kidding!!!!!!


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