Monday, August 23, 2010

Meet the Teacher!

We had a big Thursday last week! First we met our friends at the water park! Barrett had a great time playing with Emilee and Bailee!!

Sadly it was our last visit of the summer to the water park, okay maybe not so sad!

Barrett and the girls were running around like crazy trying to do everything!! It was a perfect last water park trip. Jack was completely worn out when we left!!

We headed home for a short rest and then it was off to "Meet the Teacher"!! We got to go see his new school and classroom. We met Mrs. Petty and she is super sweet!! Barrett said that he loved his classroom and he was ready!

Here is his little seat! I was not to terribly sad at "meet the teacher", I was just worried about the first day!!

After "Meet the Teacher" we headed over to the newly remodeled high school stadium for "Meet the Eagles". There was a whole lotta meetin' on Thursday! Ha!!

Barrett and Jack had a blast playing out on the new field! The stadium looks great! We have a new field house, track and field. The new field is synthetic, it was kind of weird, I am use to just the old grass.

Boys could you please look at me for just one pic?

Jack really wanted to play!!

Barrett doing drills with the football team!!

Jack LOVED running through the tunnel!!

It was super hot and sticky, but we enjoyed our very full, FUN day!!

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