Friday, November 30, 2012

Land Progress

Leaving North Texas we were anxious to get home and see the land.  While we were gone big changes were made....the dirt pads for the house and barn were done and the pond was dug.  

It's really funny..... it seems like I can't get away from deer, we just left a whole weekend of hunting and when we stepped out on the new pad...deer tracks.  

Barrett said, "Mom the deer were IN our house!" HA!!!

Checking out everything.........
Where our new home will be.....
The driveway......
Backyard view......
View from my bedroom......


The barn will sit back on the top of that hill......
My boys being BOYS!!!
More to come later....hopefully sooner that later if we can ever make decisions!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hunting Season (for the minis) begins!

On November 2nd (ahh, finally up to the current month) we headed up North, to North Texas that is and our deer lease.  The boys were pumped!  It was finally gun season and they could FINALLY hunt.  

Jack and I killing time while Daddy put all the corn out....

Barrett and I hunted together in the bottom and Jack and Daddy hunted our front stand.  Barrett and I saw a ton of bucks our first morning, we had a good 10pt. that was around us he actually had an arrow in his side, like someone had shot him durning bow season but not killed him.  It was pretty crazy, he seemed to be fine eating and jumping around like normal.  I was going to let Barrett kill him, but the shot was a little to far for him and we never got a clear shot.  

My sweet boys....

They just LOVE being out at the lease!  In their element for sure.  I took the boys on a nature hike to look for treasure, I was just hoping that we didn't find any rattlesnakes!

We got up Sunday morning ready to hunt was our last hunt before heading home.  We were hoping for some luck!  Right at daylight I could just barely see something down the lane, I got the binoculars and checked. Sure enough there was a buck there.. I told Barrett and he was so excited!  I explained that we had to wait until daylight so we could see it clearly.  When daylight broke I was ecstatic! The buck was massive, I told Barrett to get his gun he could shoot him.  He calmly got ready and I got my binoculars ready and watched the deer.  I told Barrett whenever he was ready he could shoot.  He made a great shot and I could tell he hit him!!  Now the waiting begins.....Here he is so excited and ready to go get his buck! 

I radioed Ryan so he could come help us.  We waited about 20 for them to get there, finally we could go.  We found a good blood trail and found the deer.  He was a massive 8pt.  He had alot of broken tines that I couldn't see in the early morning light, but honestly I would have taken this deer regardless because he is just such an awesome deer!  Way to go Barrett!!!!!!!!!!

Jack wanted his picture with the deer to....he can't wait until he can hunt!!
Barrett told us on the way home, "Mom I think God didn't give me a shot at the 10pt the first day because he was sending me my big deer."  Yes buddy, I think you are right!!  It was so wonderful to be there with him for this experience!!  

Halloween 2012

For Halloween the boys were pretty excited to be Willie and Jace, better know as the brothers from Duck Dynasty!  We had been planning this for awhile, but their choice of costume turned out to be a very popular one this year.
Seriously they are SO cute!!! 
Barrett aka Willie.......
Jack aka Jace
Ready for Candy!!!!
The boys loved the costumes.....they just couldn't understand why I wouldn't let them bring the shotguns with us.  Because around here we really base our costume choice on if it include a knife, gun, sword etc.  It was a great night!  Everyone was "Happy, Happy, Happy"!!!!

Medder's Halloween Party!

Saturday October 27th Ryan and I attended the Medder's Annual Halloween party!  We were The Pioneer Woman and Marlboro Man, Ree &Lad.  

I actually tweeted this pic to Ree in hopes that she would see it.  Then a week or two later my friend Jamie, was going to one of The Pioneer Woman's book signings in Houston, she asked if she could show Ree the picture.....well she did and Ree said she saw it the night I tweeted it and thought it was funny!!  

I found these cute Martha Stewart labels at Michael' them! not that many people knew who we were, I mean seriously?!? How do you NOT know REE??  A few of the people that I didn't know actually thought I was red head, HA!!!  Ummmmm, NO.  And yes, I got the are you Reba question A LOT!!
Our hostess Ashely was my absolute FAV "Honey Boo Boo"!!!!  LOVED it!!!!
The girls.........

Sun Drop peeps!
Danny & Sandy......

Willie and Kori.......Duck Dynasty was very popular this year. Especially at our house!

Honey Boo Boo and June!  Are they not hilarious, actually Aaron was kind of gross, I couldn't look away, HA!!!!!
The party was such fun!!!  It was freezing that night but all of our crazy dancing kept us warm!!  

Clearing the land!

In October we made some BIG progress....

We started clearing the land for the new house!!  Exciting times!! Now who know when we will actually start building but, progress is progress!

Our friend Nick brought all of his equipment down from Lufkin and the boys got started!!  Well Ryan and Barrett got started, Jack slept (only some of the time).

Boys and their toys!  My boys were in HOG HEAVEN!!!
Barrett just couldn't stay away from the property he wanted to go everyday and WORK!!!
Here are a few shots of the clearing that my boys did.....I love that my husband is so talented and can do all this kind of stuff.  

As I was leaving what will be my new driveway, I snapped this photo.  Amazing sky!!  I can't wait to see this view more often when we someday live here!!!!

Zoo Field Trip

WAY back in October.....Barrett's class took a field trip to the zoo.  It was such a beautiful day to be outside, it was a perfect day for the zoo!

Mrs. Hinna's 2nd grade class...
Barrett and Camden looking for gators!
The highlight of the trip was feeding the birds!  Barrett loved it he was a pro, we fed each different kind of bird in the house.  

Barrett and Sophia....these two have been friends forever!  So glad they are in the same class again this year!!

I had such a great day with my big boy!  It was so nice to spend some one on one time with Barrett.  I could really tell he liked it being just him and me.  And it make my heart swell with pride that he is so happy for me to be on his school trips as room mom, I know this will change the older he gets.  I am truly SO blessed to be able to stay at home with my kiddos!  

Jack's 4th Birthday Party

On Saturday October 20th we celebrated Jack's 4th birthday!!  Jack wanted a cowboy party this year, not surprise for my little cowpoke who LOVES everything cowboy and wears boots EVERYDAY!!!
We had his party at Rough Creek and it was a beautiful day!

Jack was super excited about his bounce house!  Although I think the big kids got more use out of it at the party.
The roping station turned out to be a big hit.   Jack and Barrett have been loving roping and I thought all the kids might like it.  I was right!  
Ryan was such a big help to me...he worked so hard getting everything cleaned up and ready.  You know we love our "home away from home" getaway place, but I'll tell ya.....having another place is a lot of work! 

These kiddos are the most precious little people on earth!!  The boys were so excited to have their girls at Rough Creek!  Sweet cousins!!!
Shi' Shi' and I................
Jack and Mimsy......these two were having a ball trying to keep up with Barrett.  Mimsy little red face show it:)

Uncle Ryan and Sweet Millie girl!

Jack's cake turned out so cute!! He loved his cowboy cake.......

I seriously cannot believe this little man is 4!!  Someone stop the clock!  

Our little family!

My boys always love a pinata, boys never pass a chance to hit something with a stick, HA!!

Cowboy Jack dressed in all his goodies!!

I really can't get enough of this boy!!!
Jack at four years old:

- You are 40" tall and weigh 39 pounds.  

- You are loving your new school and learning a ton!

- You LOVE your boots and jeans!! (you refuse to wear anything else) I can convince you that the vest, chaps, and spurs are not acceptable for daily wear most of the time. 

- You are the most loving child...always telling me "I love you" & "Mommy you so cute" both which melt my heart!

- You could not wait for you party this year!  The whole month of October each day you woke up, you would ask is today my party??

- You are such a well behaved boy, great at helping and following directions.

We are SO blessed to be your parents Jack!  We love you so much,  you are a JOY!!!!  

Happy birthday my sweet boy!!!