Thursday, November 29, 2012

Medder's Halloween Party!

Saturday October 27th Ryan and I attended the Medder's Annual Halloween party!  We were The Pioneer Woman and Marlboro Man, Ree &Lad.  

I actually tweeted this pic to Ree in hopes that she would see it.  Then a week or two later my friend Jamie, was going to one of The Pioneer Woman's book signings in Houston, she asked if she could show Ree the picture.....well she did and Ree said she saw it the night I tweeted it and thought it was funny!!  

I found these cute Martha Stewart labels at Michael' them! not that many people knew who we were, I mean seriously?!? How do you NOT know REE??  A few of the people that I didn't know actually thought I was red head, HA!!!  Ummmmm, NO.  And yes, I got the are you Reba question A LOT!!
Our hostess Ashely was my absolute FAV "Honey Boo Boo"!!!!  LOVED it!!!!
The girls.........

Sun Drop peeps!
Danny & Sandy......

Willie and Kori.......Duck Dynasty was very popular this year. Especially at our house!

Honey Boo Boo and June!  Are they not hilarious, actually Aaron was kind of gross, I couldn't look away, HA!!!!!
The party was such fun!!!  It was freezing that night but all of our crazy dancing kept us warm!!  

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