Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jack's 4th Birthday Party

On Saturday October 20th we celebrated Jack's 4th birthday!!  Jack wanted a cowboy party this year, not surprise for my little cowpoke who LOVES everything cowboy and wears boots EVERYDAY!!!
We had his party at Rough Creek and it was a beautiful day!

Jack was super excited about his bounce house!  Although I think the big kids got more use out of it at the party.
The roping station turned out to be a big hit.   Jack and Barrett have been loving roping and I thought all the kids might like it.  I was right!  
Ryan was such a big help to me...he worked so hard getting everything cleaned up and ready.  You know we love our "home away from home" getaway place, but I'll tell ya.....having another place is a lot of work! 

These kiddos are the most precious little people on earth!!  The boys were so excited to have their girls at Rough Creek!  Sweet cousins!!!
Shi' Shi' and I................
Jack and Mimsy......these two were having a ball trying to keep up with Barrett.  Mimsy little red face show it:)

Uncle Ryan and Sweet Millie girl!

Jack's cake turned out so cute!! He loved his cowboy cake.......

I seriously cannot believe this little man is 4!!  Someone stop the clock!  

Our little family!

My boys always love a pinata, boys never pass a chance to hit something with a stick, HA!!

Cowboy Jack dressed in all his goodies!!

I really can't get enough of this boy!!!
Jack at four years old:

- You are 40" tall and weigh 39 pounds.  

- You are loving your new school and learning a ton!

- You LOVE your boots and jeans!! (you refuse to wear anything else) I can convince you that the vest, chaps, and spurs are not acceptable for daily wear most of the time. 

- You are the most loving child...always telling me "I love you" & "Mommy you so cute" both which melt my heart!

- You could not wait for you party this year!  The whole month of October each day you woke up, you would ask is today my party??

- You are such a well behaved boy, great at helping and following directions.

We are SO blessed to be your parents Jack!  We love you so much,  you are a JOY!!!!  

Happy birthday my sweet boy!!!

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