Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hunting Season (for the minis) begins!

On November 2nd (ahh, finally up to the current month) we headed up North, to North Texas that is and our deer lease.  The boys were pumped!  It was finally gun season and they could FINALLY hunt.  

Jack and I killing time while Daddy put all the corn out....

Barrett and I hunted together in the bottom and Jack and Daddy hunted our front stand.  Barrett and I saw a ton of bucks our first morning, we had a good 10pt. that was around us he actually had an arrow in his side, like someone had shot him durning bow season but not killed him.  It was pretty crazy, he seemed to be fine eating and jumping around like normal.  I was going to let Barrett kill him, but the shot was a little to far for him and we never got a clear shot.  

My sweet boys....

They just LOVE being out at the lease!  In their element for sure.  I took the boys on a nature hike to look for treasure, I was just hoping that we didn't find any rattlesnakes!

We got up Sunday morning ready to hunt was our last hunt before heading home.  We were hoping for some luck!  Right at daylight I could just barely see something down the lane, I got the binoculars and checked. Sure enough there was a buck there.. I told Barrett and he was so excited!  I explained that we had to wait until daylight so we could see it clearly.  When daylight broke I was ecstatic! The buck was massive, I told Barrett to get his gun he could shoot him.  He calmly got ready and I got my binoculars ready and watched the deer.  I told Barrett whenever he was ready he could shoot.  He made a great shot and I could tell he hit him!!  Now the waiting begins.....Here he is so excited and ready to go get his buck! 

I radioed Ryan so he could come help us.  We waited about 20 for them to get there, finally we could go.  We found a good blood trail and found the deer.  He was a massive 8pt.  He had alot of broken tines that I couldn't see in the early morning light, but honestly I would have taken this deer regardless because he is just such an awesome deer!  Way to go Barrett!!!!!!!!!!

Jack wanted his picture with the deer to....he can't wait until he can hunt!!
Barrett told us on the way home, "Mom I think God didn't give me a shot at the 10pt the first day because he was sending me my big deer."  Yes buddy, I think you are right!!  It was so wonderful to be there with him for this experience!!  

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