Thursday, November 29, 2012

Clearing the land!

In October we made some BIG progress....

We started clearing the land for the new house!!  Exciting times!! Now who know when we will actually start building but, progress is progress!

Our friend Nick brought all of his equipment down from Lufkin and the boys got started!!  Well Ryan and Barrett got started, Jack slept (only some of the time).

Boys and their toys!  My boys were in HOG HEAVEN!!!
Barrett just couldn't stay away from the property he wanted to go everyday and WORK!!!
Here are a few shots of the clearing that my boys did.....I love that my husband is so talented and can do all this kind of stuff.  

As I was leaving what will be my new driveway, I snapped this photo.  Amazing sky!!  I can't wait to see this view more often when we someday live here!!!!

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