Thursday, November 1, 2012

Oops I did it again.....

Ok.....well yes, I did it again. Lost my mind and forgot I had a here we go AGAIN with catch up of our life in pictures (iPhone pics) to be more exact.

As soon as we arrived home from Nashville it was Lindale football game time, and it was a special game it was homecoming!  The boys decided they wanted garters this year....handsome little eagle fans!

The boys with our Eagle.....Jack was not getting near it
Our small town had a famous guest in attendance at the game....Kelly Finglass, DCC director and Lindale Alum. with the beautiful Karah.

On Saturday September 22nd we celebrated my birthday (one day early) with The Medders and the Sacreys.  We went to Rick's for dinner and then to Jake's rooftop for drinks.
We had such a fun night!!  Love these girls!
Sweet Chelsey made me this yummy lemon pie for dessert and we may have destroyed it when we got home ;)

We made our first trip to the East Texas State Fair, which is not near as much fun as the real thing....but closer, Ha!!  The Sacreys joined us for some rides and fried goodies.......
Bumper car boys!
Sweet boys!  They had such fun!!
Have you ever seen a cuter pig?!?
The end of September also means one BIG thing for our family.....Hunting Season!!!  We have been shooting our bows practicing and the boys were SO ready to get to Rough Creek and start the season off!

It was a rainy start to the season for literally rained ALL weekend, but we managed.
Barrett was my little hunting buddy for the weekend....he was so excited!
The first evening on the stand Barrett and I killed a boar hog.  It never stopped raining but we made some great memories!  Cherish these times with my boys.

Early October FINALLY brought some cooler weather and we had our first fire of the season.....

Jack and I made a quick trip to Lufkin for Christie's Matilda Jane show.  My friend, Ashley is the trunk keeper and she came to Lufkin for a fun day of shopping.  You can see that Jack was really amused by the trunk show, HA!!  Check out those shoes ;)

Our weekends lately consist of the same thing....HUNTING!  These boys wouldn't have it any other way, now Mommy on the other hand........

My little hunting buddy ready to hunt! Barrett: "Mom, I'm bored....we aren't seeing anything."  Me: "Just watch that side for me Barrett and be quiet."

A few minuted later this is what happened.....
Asleep on the job, HA!!!

Lola thinking she is queen of the mountain...she loves being at Rough Creek too!
The Sacreys came to spend the day with us....the boys shot guns, rode the rangers, and enjoyed hanging by the fire.

We survived the day with only a few minor injuries... and with all theses silly boys that is pretty good!

Oh be still my heart....LOVE this picture!!
I ended the weekend by hunting with my sweetheart....just like old times!
On Thursday October 11th Ryan and I made a quick trip to Dallas for the Dodge Driveaway to pick up the 2013 Ram truck.  It was nice to have a day in Dallas, I got to eat at some of my favorite places and I  finally got to try these little babies....YUM!!
We aren't quite sure why, but Dez Bryant....Dallas Cowboy and fellow Lufkin Panther was at the Dodge event.  I couldn't resist a cheesy fan picture!
Ryan and I spent Friday morning at the Ft. Worth stockyards shopping for a new cowboy hat for him.  We then had a wonderful lunch on the patio at Joe T's.  It was a great little getaway with my love!

More football with friends........

Next up was the Country Fest Parade and Fall Festival!  We always have plenty of vehicle in the parade and Ryan always pulls the football team on a trailer.  They boys love riding in the parade, so Barrett and his friend, Braden rode WITH the football team....They thought they were pretty cool!  Jack and I rode inside the truck with Daddy.

Throwing candy to his friends!
After the parade was the Country Fest which is like a carnival/fair....we played games and won prizes although I managed to take not photos of :)  Whew....I was worn out and we still had a big day ahead!  Next up Lufkin........

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