Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jack Is NINE Months Old!

Jack today you are nine months old! Where has the time gone? You continue to be the happiest baby ever! I see your sweet little personality coming out more everyday. You are a joy to be around Daddy, Barrett and I love you to pieces!!

Here is what's going on at Nine Months!

- You are crawling everywhere!!(p.s. I forgot to update you at 8 months, bad mommy; but you started crawling at 8 months)

- You weigh about 18.5 pds.

- Still wear size 3 diapers.

- You have been sleeping from 7:30pm to about 7am for a whole month!! Woo Hoo!!

- You laugh all the time!!

- Babbling that sounds like MaMa, or maybe that's just what I want to hear.

- You pull up and cruise. You love to walk holding onto my fingers.

- Your eyes are turning green now.

- Still no hair, a little more on top, but not much.

- Your favorite foods are peas and apples.

- You are taking the bottle good now, trying to hold it.

- Your favorite thing to do is chase Lola around with the walker.

- Take two, two hour naps a day.

- People still mistake you for a girl, but that's okay your just so pretty, I mean Handsome!!

- You have your first two bruises on your head from trying to walk, I'm sure the first of many!!

I am so proud to be your Mommy. I look forward to every day with you and your brother! I can't believe you are 9 months old!! I love you so much!!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lola Belle

I wanted to do a little post about our beloved French Bull dog Lola. She is the only female in this house with me and I love her dearly. Two weeks ago at the beach Lola was her normal self; running, jumping, etc. On Sat. the 4th of July she slowed down a bit and we thought she was just tired. On Sunday she was just slow and didn't walk around much. My mom thought she was hot and we put her inside the beach house she didn't move off the couch all day. She wouldn't eat anything, not even shrimp! Ryan was headed back to Lindale to work and I had him take Lola with him. He said when he got home she laid on her bed until the next morning and didn't move. Monday morning she couldn't stand up on her own.

Ryan took her to our local vet in Lindale Dr. B. He ran every test he could for two days and he found nothing. On her x-rays it looked like there might have been some fluid around her spine. He recommended she see a neurologist in Dallas. So after alot of work Dr. B got her an appt. in Dallas. Ryan took her and they began their work to see what was wrong. They explained she needed and MRI. Let me just say those are expensive not to mention if they found anything that would be more money to fix whatever was wrong. Ryan and I thought we had to do it, our only other option was to put her to sleep. So Lola had the MRI and they found a herniated disk. The Dr.'s said they don't know how she was bearing the pain, she had never even made a whimper. It was one of the worst cases they had seen. Lola had spinal surgery and is now making a recovery.

Lola is now classified as an investment!! LOL! We are so happy she is okay and doing well. It looks like she will be back to herself in no time!! That is good thing because she has two little boys that love her and can't wait to chase her around!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summertime at the Beach!

Welcome back to reality for Queen Bee and the Boys! We have been at the beach for two weeks!! It was wonderful, the boys had a ball. My posts, and everything else I left behind for a July vacation.

The whole family was there, and The Reeds joined us with their kids Cole and Carley. Christie, the kids and I just decided to stay for the first half of July. We had a great 4th. Barrett loves fireworks, but let me just say he hasn't always! It was Jack's first 4th and seeing as how he was down before the festivities started I don't know how much he enjoyed it. It is truly amazing how babies can sleep through fireworks that sound like they are right outside your window and last all night!!

The beach has so many activities to offer we were super busy! We popped a few fireworks and lit a gazillion sparklers. I also found a "uncle Sam" pinata and filled it for the kids, just what they need to add to fireworks, a sugar rush!!

We had a huge bonfire on the beach when we set off the big fireworks. So big in fact the Port Bolivar fire department pulled up and came to check out our fire. It was all under control, I guess someone saw how large it was and called them. The kids were scared we would get in trouble, but all was well.

After all the family and friends left our friend Leeanne came to stay with Christie the kids and I. Leeanne was such a help with Barrett. It is so funny because Barrett has always had a crush on Leeanne, trying to sit by her and hold her hand. He got to have her around the whole week. We made a few trips to Galveston during the week. We went to Moody Gardens to the aquarium it was very fun.

At Moody Gardens they have a Palm Beach water play area, so we trekked our way over to it. It wasn't really what we expected so we left and headed to Schlitterban. Oh yes, not one but two attractions in one day.

Schlitterban was so much fun, huge, but fun. We made out way across an endless sea of tubes and sun screened up kids to find a quiet little umbrella next to the kiddie pool and swim up bar. Oh yes, I said BAR!! Thank goodness because the Mommies and Leeanne of course needed a cocktail! We joked and said well now we can make it though the day!! LOL!

Schlitterban is a complete money pit they have extremely too many things to spend money on. For example who could leave without a funnel cake, a trip the the icee bar where there are 10 flavors you can mix, and last but no least an airbrush tattoo. Barrett decided he wanted a shark. At least we fit in a little better after that.

At the end of our trip my parents and the husbands came back, along with my girlfriends Patti, Karen, and cousin Julie. We had a full house but it was so great catching up with all my girls!! I can't believe I didn't get a girls picture guess we were to busy talking to take any pics.

And what beach trip is complete without the baby getting covered in sand. Jack has been to the beach a few times, but now that he is completely mobile and into everything the couldn't resist the sand.

Yes, unfortunately Jack decided to eat some sand. My Mom said "It will be fine, you did the same thing at his age." Yes Mom, but I'm quite sure the sand is a little worse now.

I love summer, and I love the beach!! I can't wait to go back. I'm sure before summer is over we will head back for a few more trips.

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