Thursday, January 31, 2013

House Progress!!!

Well....there is really no excuse. It's been another 2 months and the blog has been TERRIBLY neglected again!!!!!!!!!!

I'm really upset with myself, I figured I had to start back some time and completely go against the usual way I blog. I am going to just start from here....not try and catch up which would take FORever!!

So here we are January 31st...we did have so excitement today. We poured our barn slab at our land!!! We are so excited.....the property is looking fabulous!! We are going to build the barn while we are STILL working on and fine tuning the house plans.

Here are the boys on the barn pad....

Early this morning the trucks arrived! The boys were up at dawn, literally ready to go watch. I held them off until 6:50 or so.....

Two happy boys!!!!

We are really excited to be making progress!!! Happy to be back in blog land!!! Lets pray it sticks;)