Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Well, it's almost that time! COLLEGE FOOTBALL season, Hotty Toddy Y'all!!! I am linking up with Boo Mama for her Diptacular!! I love chips and dip, I could literally them all day, every day. It's really hard to narrow down my favorites, because I like most all of them, HA!! Here are two that I have been making frequently.

I found this recipe from a friend's blog, I have made this twice in the past month. Soooooo yummy! It's a Creamy White Queso, but it is NOT your average queso.

Creamy White Queso

- 1 8oz. cream cheese
-1 lb. pepper jack velvetta
-16 oz. sour cream
-1 tsp. lea & perrins
-4 oz. can green chilies
-1 lb. sausage browned & drained
-1/4 c. chopped green onion

You can either microwave all the ingredients together, or I melt it on the stove in a large pot. It is so rich and yummy!!

My other probably favorite dip is Corn Dip. There are a ton of variations on this one, but here is my personal creation and fav.

Corn Dip

-2 Cans Mexi-corn (drained)
-1 c. sour cream
-1 c. real mayo
-1/2 tsp. cumin or more to taste
-4 oz. green chilies
-20 oz. of sharp cheddar
-few green onions chopped
-jalapeno chopped & seeded (optional)

Chill and serve with Fritos. It is addicting!!

Check out all the other fun dip recipes over at Boo Mama, thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Accent Vlog

I saw Jenna's vlog and thought this was a fun idea. So feel free to make fun of my terrible East Texas accent and then make your own and link it up to her page.

Please don't judge, my hair is terrible! I have roots a mile long, it's only been FOREVER since my hair appt. I'm going next week :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Maniac Monday!

Today was a pretty low key day. Bootcamp, took Barrett to school and then Jack and I made a trip to Wally World. Jack is still getting use to Barrett being gone to school again, good thing he starts tomorrow!

Today did have one milestone, Barrett had his first "homework" today. He was excited to tell me, until I informed him we would be doing it first thing when we got home. He said, "Mom I have been doing work ALL day, I need a break!" Ha! Well, so sorry my friend! After a lesson in procrastination we did his homework and then the boys headed outside. I glanced out to check on them and found this................

They were climbing on the rock and jumping off! Maniac's I tell ya!!

This face just about sums up our Monday, HA!! Hope yours was great!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Heart of Dixie

I was reading people last night and saw a snippet about this new show, "Heart of Dixie". It looked cute so I immediately checked out the preview online. I Love Rachel Bilson and it is set in the south, think, Sweet Home Alabama meets Doc Hollywood. I can't wait, come on Fall! It starts September 26, on the CW.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back in the Swing of things

This week being the first week of school, has been CRAZY busy to say the least!!! I have been working at the school for something almost everyday!!! I have laundry coming out of my ears! We have had birthdays, first days of school, meet the teacher, dinner outs, lots of trips to Tyler, WHEW! I feel like I haven't taken a breath yet!! So please excuse the crazy out of order posts(which kills me) and the lack of blogging!! :) I even forgot to do my sweet, caring, wonderful husband's birthday post!! His birthday was on Monday, the first day of school. We did go out for a wonderful dinner at Villa Montez, Monday evening. The boys also got his his favorite cookie cake, but I feel like a heel not posting on his actually birthday! He has been busy too, so maybe he will forgive me!! Love Ya Babe!!! Happy Birthday!!!

It has been an adjustment again for Jack not having Barrett at home. On Tuesday when he was supposed to be napping he comes out of his room like this........

Really?!? OHHHHHH, he is a MESS!!!

I forgot to post my Friday favs, so I will just list a couple of things I am loving this week!

I ordered this coat from Old Navy when they had 30% off, I also got a couple of shirts, but I just LOVED the color of this coat. They call it Cheetah, I call it mustard, LOVE! Now who knows when I will be able to wear it, but I can dream!

Okay, so a few Fridays ago I posted that I love the glam sharpies for my Life planner. Now don't get me wrong I love sharpies, but not for the life planner, they bleed. My friend Tiffanie , posted about the babies and I immediately ordered them. They are perfect for my planner, like a sharpie, but they don't bleed! Love them!
I am also loving that today is Saturday and the Pioneer Woman's new show comes on!!! The boys are all at the cabin, I am home alone with my laundry and my remote. I plan to relax and enjoy it, before the next week of crazy begins!! Enjoy the weekend friends!!!!

Last Summer Weekend

This past weekend was our last weekend before school, the boys wanted to spend it where else?? Rough Creek! So Saturday morning we loaded up the boys, the dogs, and a trailer (we can't seem to go anywhere without a trailer) and headed to RC. We made a stop for lunch at McAllister's and Jack insisted on wearing his hat into the restaurant. I have learned that it is a battle that I don't pursue. It is so funny to hear people comment on him as he walked by. "Oh, look at that little cowboy." HA, HA! He loves his boots and hat!
When we got to RC I was so excited to start moving my dishes and pots and pans in the finished kitchen..... FINALLY!!! I have had my Spode dishes for a few years just waiting for the day we would have a cabin to put them in, and YEA, finally they took their rightful place in the cabin at RC.

The boys immediately went to work, they were busy moving and filling up feeders. I drove the ranger down to take them some water and snapped a few pics. This child loves to cut down trees?? I have know idea why, but he always has a saw in his hand ready to cut down something!

I love these sweaty little faces! I was HAWT y'all!!

Barrett with some of his "finds", he loves finding bones and deer sheds. He actually found a spike skull, he was SO proud!

I was sitting out on the porch when they drove up from working and I didn't see Barrett sitting up on the tractor with them. I walked over and saw this..................

Yes, that is my son, asleep in the bucket of the tractor, with empty sacks of deer corn all over him. HA!!! He literally works until he drops!!! Love my Boys!! For us, it was the perfect end to a fabulous summer!!

Last Blast at Splash Kindom

On our last Friday of summer vacay, we met a group of friends at Splash Kingdom for a last blast!
The day started out fine, we got a great spot and we had just started floating the lazy river when I hear the loud speaker. "We need Kelly Hopson at the security front gate please, Kelly Hopson". I'm thinking what the heck?!? I had both my kids with me, what in the world could it be?? So I am rushing around to get out of the river and I head to the front gate where I ran into my friend Ashley who told me I had left the back of my car open. AHHH!!! I immediately panic, running out to my car, dragging my child behind me, thinking the PURSE!!

So I get our to my car and the security guy has been thankfully sitting with my car since they noticed it, and I look in to find my purse, and I think I finally took a breath. I had luckily locked my doors, but when I pushed the button to close the trunk it must not have shut. Craziness I tell ya, it scared me to death when the paged me, even thought I knew my kids were safe. Needless to say, it was not the best start to the day. Thankfully everything turned out fine and thank goodness for caring, honest people.

The kids all had a blast together, Barrett finally went down the new Volcano slide! Jack was his usual daredevil self, I caught him twice sneaking off to try and illegally jump in the lazy river! Ohhh, help me!!! It was a great way to end a very HOT summer!!

Meet the a Teacher & Eagles

Thursday the 18th was "Meet the Teacher" for Barrett, I was super excited for him to meet his teacher, Mrs. Cantrell. I met her a few day prior at a teacher luncheon we did at the school. He was very excited and he was so ready to give her the gift that we/ I made. HA! I can't take credit for this I found the idea from a blog I read, and it was also on Pintrest. I thought the gifts turned out super cute!

We met his Mrs. Cantrell and she was so sweet, and he has a great class!! I know it's gonna be a great year. After "Meet the Teacher", we headed over to the stadium for "Meet the Eagles". Here is Barrett and his friend Keatyn.

They boys on the LoneStar/Longhorn horns, that we take and blow at the games.
Barrett, Jack and Kinley Nance!

The kiddos had a blast running all over the field at Meet the Eagles, we were hoping it would wear them out. A group of us decided to run to DQ to get some food after the event and it was SO crowded, who knew DQ was so popular?! Barrett asked Braden to come spend the night with us.

Silly boys!!

It was Braden's first time to spend the night away and he did great!! Way to go Braden!

One Last Stop on the Roadtrip

On Sunday we left Nacogdoches for the last leg of the journey. We had one last stop to make a Rough Creek, Monday our granite was being put in!! YEA!! We arrived a RC and the boys had a blast back in their working, dirt, & tractor element. We had a great evening relaxing on the porch and watching the boys play. I had just put the boys to bed when Barrett ran out screaming "my tooth fell out"!! It's crazy this child has not lost a tooth at our house. He has lost 5 teeth and all of them were when we were out of town, except for one that he lost at school.

I sent this picture to my Dad and he responded with, "who is that homeless man". EXACTLY, he looks so awkward, poor baby.

Of course he didn't care how he looked. He was to concerned that the tooth fairy didn't know where RC was located.
I did have to leave before the granite was finished, but when I left it was looking great! I was thinking of saving the pics anyway for the final reveal, who knows! Monday morning we were finally HOME bound, with a busy week ahead!

Lufkin Weekend

On Saturday August 13th we arrived in Lufkin, after our long FL roadtrip. We had a wedding to attend and we hadn't seen the the girls in almost 3 weeks!! I wish I had recorded Mary Michael & the boys reunion. She just squeals with excitement and they run to hug each other, it will melt your heart!! Barrett couldn't wait to get his hands on little Millie. She has changed so much already!! It is so hard not seeing the girls on a daily basis :(

Jack wanted his turn too!!

We drove over to Nacogdoches, where the wedding was and again set up our "coach" as Ryan calls, it Ha!! I just can't, literally CAN NOT call it a "coach". As a matter of fact, I kind of cringe when I hear him call it that. It's the motorhome or the trailer to me :)

Look at these two little studs all dressed up for Dee and Jennifer's Wedding. Barrett was not a fan of the tie, Jack didn't even seem to notice it.

Sorry, all the pics are with the iPhone, I feel so weird taking a real camera into a wedding. It was beautiful. Very clean and elegant and she had the cutest kids tables!
All the Barrett Girls!
My Honey and I!
Jack was a dancing machine from the moment to band started! I literally couldn't drag him off the floor, it was nuts!! He was the star of the floor, by himself, just breakin it down!! HI-larious, I tell ya!!

He was dancing with everyone, women he didn't know would take his hand and dance with him. He loved it. When Dee and Jen had their first dance the band started playing when a man loves a woman as they danced, then all the sudden they stopped and announced that it was a great song but it just wasn't working. BAM, curtains opened and the "King of Slow Soul" Mr. Percy Sledge is there singing, When a Man Loves a Woman! It was so cool!! A few minutes later I look over and the grooms brother is putting Jack ON THE STAGE!!! I was dying! Jack didn't even loose his rhythm, he kept right on dancing! HA HA!!!!

SERIOUSLY!?! Love it!
It was a great night! Beautiful Bride, wonderful couple and a GREAT party!!


Yes, this is from the beginning of August and I am finally trying to catch up! On Saturday August 6th our road trip continued. We left Hattiesburg and headed toward Florida, but not before we made a stop at Krispy Kreme! Yummy! The boys loved watching the donut machine, and the donuts were FABulous!!

We FINALLY arrived in Destin, got the motorhome all set up. Our RV Resort, was super nice and just steps away from the beach. The boys couldn't wait to get out on the beach!

The beach will wear you out, and thankfully this little man had no problem napping daily on the beach. He is defiantly my calm, laid back child :)

We had many great dinners out in Destin, lets face it, it is one of the best parts of vacation!
We spent one afternoon at one of my favorite places, Seaside. It is just right down the road from Destin and the most picture perfect beach town. Great shopping, eating, and entertainment in a quaint little setting. Here we are having lunch at Bud & Alley's Pizza.

One of Jack's favorite beach toys ended up being the flippers & snorkels, all the big boys had sets and Jack's Nana knew he couldn't be left out! I should have know he would love them, he is my "dress up" child, HA!!
We had dinner at Fisherman's Wharf, right on the water. It was a fun night, during dinner we had a flyover plane show and a dance contest that for Jack never ended!! We had to drag him off the dance floor!!
After dinner we walked down to the Harborwalk to watch the fireworks show. It was so crowded, but the boys really enjoyed it. As we walked down the Harborwalk we saw some amazing boats, Ryan was in HEAVEN!!
Barrett tried his hand at surfing and it was pretty hilarious!!

On our last day we met up with our friend the Medder's who were also vacationing in Destin. We had lunch at the Hog's Breath before we headed out for the LONG trip home.
We had an absolute fabulous trip! I love it when the boys get to spend time with their cousins and Nana. We were there for 7 days, but it flew by. We did have some family portraits taken while we were there, but I haven't gotten them back yet, so I will post those later. It was a great way to end the summer!!