Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Last Blast at Splash Kindom

On our last Friday of summer vacay, we met a group of friends at Splash Kingdom for a last blast!
The day started out fine, we got a great spot and we had just started floating the lazy river when I hear the loud speaker. "We need Kelly Hopson at the security front gate please, Kelly Hopson". I'm thinking what the heck?!? I had both my kids with me, what in the world could it be?? So I am rushing around to get out of the river and I head to the front gate where I ran into my friend Ashley who told me I had left the back of my car open. AHHH!!! I immediately panic, running out to my car, dragging my child behind me, thinking the PURSE!!

So I get our to my car and the security guy has been thankfully sitting with my car since they noticed it, and I look in to find my purse, and I think I finally took a breath. I had luckily locked my doors, but when I pushed the button to close the trunk it must not have shut. Craziness I tell ya, it scared me to death when the paged me, even thought I knew my kids were safe. Needless to say, it was not the best start to the day. Thankfully everything turned out fine and thank goodness for caring, honest people.

The kids all had a blast together, Barrett finally went down the new Volcano slide! Jack was his usual daredevil self, I caught him twice sneaking off to try and illegally jump in the lazy river! Ohhh, help me!!! It was a great way to end a very HOT summer!!

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