Monday, August 22, 2011

Barrett's a First Grader!

I am sooooo behind on posts! This month has been crazy busy!! I don't like to post out of order, but I guess I'm going to, ha!! Today Barrett started 1st grade!! AHH! How did this happen, seriously, it seems like we were just starting Kindergarten yesterday.

I woke up early and fixed on of B's favs, frittata and bacon. Barrett got to eat on the special day plate (even though it's Daddy's B-day) HA!!

I packed his lunch and got his things ready in the new backpack.

Really?!? A first grader? "REAL School" with homework and projects!! He was very excited!!

These two have been inseparable this summer, Jack is gonna miss him!!

Love these two so much! They are growing up so FAST!!

I hope he has a FABULOUS day, I can't wait to hear all about it!! Much more to come:)


  1. Don't you wish we could slow time down just a little!! Hope Mr. B has a super day! I know what you mean about posting out of order...drives me crazy too so I finally got all caught up from March. Feels so great! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your summer pictures. You look AMAZING by the way!

  2. i've got that top! :) cute post, precious boys!

  3. LOVE the picture of you three (and Lola ha)..beautiful people I tell ya!