Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lufkin Weekend

On Saturday August 13th we arrived in Lufkin, after our long FL roadtrip. We had a wedding to attend and we hadn't seen the the girls in almost 3 weeks!! I wish I had recorded Mary Michael & the boys reunion. She just squeals with excitement and they run to hug each other, it will melt your heart!! Barrett couldn't wait to get his hands on little Millie. She has changed so much already!! It is so hard not seeing the girls on a daily basis :(

Jack wanted his turn too!!

We drove over to Nacogdoches, where the wedding was and again set up our "coach" as Ryan calls, it Ha!! I just can't, literally CAN NOT call it a "coach". As a matter of fact, I kind of cringe when I hear him call it that. It's the motorhome or the trailer to me :)

Look at these two little studs all dressed up for Dee and Jennifer's Wedding. Barrett was not a fan of the tie, Jack didn't even seem to notice it.

Sorry, all the pics are with the iPhone, I feel so weird taking a real camera into a wedding. It was beautiful. Very clean and elegant and she had the cutest kids tables!
All the Barrett Girls!
My Honey and I!
Jack was a dancing machine from the moment to band started! I literally couldn't drag him off the floor, it was nuts!! He was the star of the floor, by himself, just breakin it down!! HI-larious, I tell ya!!

He was dancing with everyone, women he didn't know would take his hand and dance with him. He loved it. When Dee and Jen had their first dance the band started playing when a man loves a woman as they danced, then all the sudden they stopped and announced that it was a great song but it just wasn't working. BAM, curtains opened and the "King of Slow Soul" Mr. Percy Sledge is there singing, When a Man Loves a Woman! It was so cool!! A few minutes later I look over and the grooms brother is putting Jack ON THE STAGE!!! I was dying! Jack didn't even loose his rhythm, he kept right on dancing! HA HA!!!!

SERIOUSLY!?! Love it!
It was a great night! Beautiful Bride, wonderful couple and a GREAT party!!

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