Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Last Summer Weekend

This past weekend was our last weekend before school, the boys wanted to spend it where else?? Rough Creek! So Saturday morning we loaded up the boys, the dogs, and a trailer (we can't seem to go anywhere without a trailer) and headed to RC. We made a stop for lunch at McAllister's and Jack insisted on wearing his hat into the restaurant. I have learned that it is a battle that I don't pursue. It is so funny to hear people comment on him as he walked by. "Oh, look at that little cowboy." HA, HA! He loves his boots and hat!
When we got to RC I was so excited to start moving my dishes and pots and pans in the finished kitchen..... FINALLY!!! I have had my Spode dishes for a few years just waiting for the day we would have a cabin to put them in, and YEA, finally they took their rightful place in the cabin at RC.

The boys immediately went to work, they were busy moving and filling up feeders. I drove the ranger down to take them some water and snapped a few pics. This child loves to cut down trees?? I have know idea why, but he always has a saw in his hand ready to cut down something!

I love these sweaty little faces! I was HAWT y'all!!

Barrett with some of his "finds", he loves finding bones and deer sheds. He actually found a spike skull, he was SO proud!

I was sitting out on the porch when they drove up from working and I didn't see Barrett sitting up on the tractor with them. I walked over and saw this..................

Yes, that is my son, asleep in the bucket of the tractor, with empty sacks of deer corn all over him. HA!!! He literally works until he drops!!! Love my Boys!! For us, it was the perfect end to a fabulous summer!!

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