Monday, August 29, 2011

Maniac Monday!

Today was a pretty low key day. Bootcamp, took Barrett to school and then Jack and I made a trip to Wally World. Jack is still getting use to Barrett being gone to school again, good thing he starts tomorrow!

Today did have one milestone, Barrett had his first "homework" today. He was excited to tell me, until I informed him we would be doing it first thing when we got home. He said, "Mom I have been doing work ALL day, I need a break!" Ha! Well, so sorry my friend! After a lesson in procrastination we did his homework and then the boys headed outside. I glanced out to check on them and found this................

They were climbing on the rock and jumping off! Maniac's I tell ya!!

This face just about sums up our Monday, HA!! Hope yours was great!

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