Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back in the Swing of things

This week being the first week of school, has been CRAZY busy to say the least!!! I have been working at the school for something almost everyday!!! I have laundry coming out of my ears! We have had birthdays, first days of school, meet the teacher, dinner outs, lots of trips to Tyler, WHEW! I feel like I haven't taken a breath yet!! So please excuse the crazy out of order posts(which kills me) and the lack of blogging!! :) I even forgot to do my sweet, caring, wonderful husband's birthday post!! His birthday was on Monday, the first day of school. We did go out for a wonderful dinner at Villa Montez, Monday evening. The boys also got his his favorite cookie cake, but I feel like a heel not posting on his actually birthday! He has been busy too, so maybe he will forgive me!! Love Ya Babe!!! Happy Birthday!!!

It has been an adjustment again for Jack not having Barrett at home. On Tuesday when he was supposed to be napping he comes out of his room like this........

Really?!? OHHHHHH, he is a MESS!!!

I forgot to post my Friday favs, so I will just list a couple of things I am loving this week!

I ordered this coat from Old Navy when they had 30% off, I also got a couple of shirts, but I just LOVED the color of this coat. They call it Cheetah, I call it mustard, LOVE! Now who knows when I will be able to wear it, but I can dream!

Okay, so a few Fridays ago I posted that I love the glam sharpies for my Life planner. Now don't get me wrong I love sharpies, but not for the life planner, they bleed. My friend Tiffanie , posted about the babies and I immediately ordered them. They are perfect for my planner, like a sharpie, but they don't bleed! Love them!
I am also loving that today is Saturday and the Pioneer Woman's new show comes on!!! The boys are all at the cabin, I am home alone with my laundry and my remote. I plan to relax and enjoy it, before the next week of crazy begins!! Enjoy the weekend friends!!!!

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