Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cause we're cute like that......

I just had to post this cute picture of my little men from this morning just because they are so darn cute!! We are really ready for Halloween around here. Barrett is begging to wear his costume everyday, so I had to break out the Halloween shirts to keep him a little happy.

In other news....This morning as were are leaving for school, Barrett says. "Mom today is crazy hat day!" Me: "Oh Barrett, your right so glad you reminded me." Him: "Yeah Mom, I don't forget a thing, do I?" No you don't buddy; but apparently crazy hat day isn't the only thing I forgot. While writing this post I get a call from Barrett's school. Caller: "Kelly, it's Debbie. Barrett's lunch box was empty today." That's right I'm CRAZY!!!!!!!!

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Snap Shop Weekend!!

This past weekend my sister and I headed to Tulsa, OK. for a photography class called a "Snap Shop". A photographer from Broken Arrow, Ashley Ann; does them at her home.

Let me just start by saying, this girl is amazing. She has four kiddos all very young, and she's a photographer, blogger, and her home is AMAZING!!! She makes me feel very....slacking in the motherhood department. LOL!!! The class was great and I finally learned how to shoot pictures in Manual mode which is huge. She has a great reason for doing these classes. She explained how she always saw parents with these expensive cameras that didn't know how to use them.....ME!

I highly recommend anyone with a DLSR camera who wants to learn, go see her!!! Here a few of my pics for our "assignment". These children were great models and they are sooo cute!!

And back at home my wonderful husband kept a sick 4 year old and a luckily happy 12 months old. Thanks Ryan for keeping the boys so I could go! Your the Best!!!!

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween Cookies

Yesterday Barrett and I decided to make Halloween cookies for his "Grandparents Tea" at school on Thursday. So we headed to the store and I just thought he was excited about making the cookies. When I pulled into Brookshires he flipped out because....."I get to push the little buggy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Oh he was so excited. At our Brookshires they have kids carts and he loves them. I usually, errr I mean at all costs avoid Brookshires because of the carts, unless I just need a few items. And since we just needed a few things thought lets just go there. Well upon our arrival we enter to find NO KID CARTS!! AHHHHHHHH! Barrett was really mad and before shopping we had to scavenge the store for a cart.

We found one and did our shopping. Then came check out where I once again had to explain "the sacker can't use the kids cart to take our groceries out." "But Why Mom?" Well for one Honey, they won't fit and two he is not a child! Finally we were on our way home to make the cookies. It went pretty smooth and I was not too worried, I had store bought cookies just in case.

Here is Barrett and PawPaw at the "Grandparents Tea". It was so cute Barrett's class did the entertainment for the afternoon. They sang a few songs and then we had cookies and lemonade. A big thanks to PawPaw for coming, all of our other Grandparents were in Lufkin.

Jack was not in the best of moods for the tea, he just came from the doctor and had 4 shots so please excuse the long face!!!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jack is ONE Year Old!!!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to Jack! Happy Birthday to You!!!! Sweet Boy!!!

Well Jackaroo, you are a year old! I can't believe it. The world is a better place with you in it!! I can't imagine life without you; and I can't imagine what you have in store for us in this life!!! You make my heart so full everyday and we all love you to pieces!!!!

Here is what you are up to at 12 months old!!!!

- You weigh 21 pounds and are 30 inches long.

- You wear size 4 diaper

- You can say "mama" and "dada"

- Love to sing "wheels on the bus"

- Your eating table food now, and you love it!

- Your walking short distances, but like to crawl cause it's faster.

- Love to play chase with me.

- Didn't really care for cake at your party, your funny about new textures.

- Still so sweet and love to cuddle

- Laugh all the time!!

- Love bath time, love to splash!

- Taking 2, 2 hour naps and sleep at night from 7pm to 7am!!

I love you more and more each day!!! You are such a blessing!!!!

Here you are starting with one month old to 12 months old!!! What a change Jack!!!

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Jack's First Birthday (Party that is)!!!!!

Hello again.....This past weekend we had Jack's First Birthday Party!!!! His actually birthday is not until 10-21, due to schedules we had his party on Saturday. So I will save my tears until his actually birthday, cause believe me they are coming.

We had a small family birthday here at the house. I feel so bad for Jack sometimes. I have always heard people say, the first child gets everything a little more overdone. I always thought, "not my child". But.............it's true. Sorry Jack, I love you just as much. It just gets harder and less time etc.

Jack had a great party despite the lack of personalized cups, catering, and bounce house. LOL!! He didn't know the difference!

Or maybe he did????????

Why is it my children insist on sleeping during their parties? Happens every time. Jack had a cute little monkey cake. I really thought he would have fun smashing his cake up but not so much. He was a little groggy and had a hard time waking up. When we did put his cake in front of him, I was grabbing the camera and my MIL lit the candle and I was not looking..... and oh yes. He grabs it and puts it out with his hand. Needless to say he didn't want much to do with the cake after that.

It was a beautiful day!!! We had an outside fire and had football on outside, with family and friends and thats all you can ask for!!!!!

So until Wednesday Jack, you are still my baby and NOT a one year old....just yet!!!!!

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