Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween Cookies

Yesterday Barrett and I decided to make Halloween cookies for his "Grandparents Tea" at school on Thursday. So we headed to the store and I just thought he was excited about making the cookies. When I pulled into Brookshires he flipped out because....."I get to push the little buggy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Oh he was so excited. At our Brookshires they have kids carts and he loves them. I usually, errr I mean at all costs avoid Brookshires because of the carts, unless I just need a few items. And since we just needed a few things thought lets just go there. Well upon our arrival we enter to find NO KID CARTS!! AHHHHHHHH! Barrett was really mad and before shopping we had to scavenge the store for a cart.

We found one and did our shopping. Then came check out where I once again had to explain "the sacker can't use the kids cart to take our groceries out." "But Why Mom?" Well for one Honey, they won't fit and two he is not a child! Finally we were on our way home to make the cookies. It went pretty smooth and I was not too worried, I had store bought cookies just in case.

Here is Barrett and PawPaw at the "Grandparents Tea". It was so cute Barrett's class did the entertainment for the afternoon. They sang a few songs and then we had cookies and lemonade. A big thanks to PawPaw for coming, all of our other Grandparents were in Lufkin.

Jack was not in the best of moods for the tea, he just came from the doctor and had 4 shots so please excuse the long face!!!

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  1. So precious girl! Looks like you guys had as much fun as we did the other day. Your boys are absolutely precious and I hope you all have had a wonderful birthday celebration! Talk to you soon! Erin (Kitchin Sink)