Monday, October 19, 2009

Jack's First Birthday (Party that is)!!!!!

Hello again.....This past weekend we had Jack's First Birthday Party!!!! His actually birthday is not until 10-21, due to schedules we had his party on Saturday. So I will save my tears until his actually birthday, cause believe me they are coming.

We had a small family birthday here at the house. I feel so bad for Jack sometimes. I have always heard people say, the first child gets everything a little more overdone. I always thought, "not my child".'s true. Sorry Jack, I love you just as much. It just gets harder and less time etc.

Jack had a great party despite the lack of personalized cups, catering, and bounce house. LOL!! He didn't know the difference!

Or maybe he did????????

Why is it my children insist on sleeping during their parties? Happens every time. Jack had a cute little monkey cake. I really thought he would have fun smashing his cake up but not so much. He was a little groggy and had a hard time waking up. When we did put his cake in front of him, I was grabbing the camera and my MIL lit the candle and I was not looking..... and oh yes. He grabs it and puts it out with his hand. Needless to say he didn't want much to do with the cake after that.

It was a beautiful day!!! We had an outside fire and had football on outside, with family and friends and thats all you can ask for!!!!!

So until Wednesday Jack, you are still my baby and NOT a one year old....just yet!!!!!

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  1. mr. jack is so precious, kelly! and i love seeing pictures of mary michael. her little legs in that picture crack me up!