Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Haircut drama!

Barrett has been asking me for a while to "shave" his hair. His Uncle Kolby and all his friends have short haircuts and he has been taking note. :( Don't get me wrong I don't have anything against short (buzzed) hair, it's just not my personal preference. Barrett also informed me that his Dad's hair is short and he should have hair like his Dad. AHHHHHHH!!!!! I knew this day would come, but I'm sorry I just couldn't give in completely! Barrett has super fine, straight hair and has ALWAYS had a surfer shag style. I can't imagine if it was buzzed off! He needed a haircut so we talked about it and agreed that we would cut it shorter this time. Well, as soon as he sat down in the stylists chair he told her to shave it off. She died laughing and said "your mom would KILL me"!! HA!! She's right!

So we did cut his hair shorter this time, and I didn't have a heart attack or anything! I think it makes him look SO much older!!! He is beautiful regardless of his hair, but I don't think we need a "shaved head"!!

The "new do"!!

Love that boy!! He looks WAY to grown up!

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  1. Such a sweet boy! He does look very grown up...where is the time going?!?