Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

This weekend it was my wonderful husband's birthday!! Barrett insisted that we get Daddy his favorite cookie cake for his birthday! So while Barrett and Daddy were at Rough Creek shooting guns, Jack and I headed to get the cake. OH huge mistake!! I forgot that it was tax free shopping weekend! Every yahoo and their 10 kids were out and about in the mall!! Jack and I quickly got the cake and ran out of the mall as fast as possible!!

The boys spent all day at Rough Creek, doing who know what! I think that is just about a perfect day for them. Pretty soon Jack will want to got too!

Sunday was Ryan's actual birthday. I tried to let him sleep in, not really possible around here. After holding the boys off as long possible, we woke him up and gave him his cards. We then headed to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.

We came home and had a relaxing day of watching the Ranger game with PawPaw. Ryan and I headed for an early dinner at Outback, where I enjoyed a couple of these.

We went early so that we could be home for baths and bedtimes, after all it was the night before kindergarten!! I love this man so much he is the best husband, father, brother, and son!! I don't know what I would do with out you babe!!

This was Ryan's present. He went on a bear hunt to Arizona, and got a great black bear.

Happy 33rd Birthday Babe!!!

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  1. I went shopping forgetting it was tax weekend too! Crazy!
    Where is your Ford Dealership? Maybe I should talk my husband into taking a trip out there! :)
    my email is