Monday, August 9, 2010

Fort Worth Zoo

Last Thursday we made a trip to the Fort Worth Zoo! The boys, Christie, Mims, Leeanne and I all squeezed in the car for a road trip. We had planned on going to the Dallas Zoo, but Lacey, Leeanne's sister suggested we try the Fort Worth Zoo. It was so hot!! We were sweating before we walked in the gate.

We all loved theses Gorillas, they were so close to us! B was amazed by this huge silver back!

The boys and I with a HUGE saltwater croc! He was ginormous!! Barrett loves them!

Here is B petting some sort of Chinese lizard? Can't remember the name. They had a great reptile house. It had some pretty amazing snakes which we loved!

Barrett tried his hand at the rock wall, but it was so hot he couldn't grab the rocks! HA!!

We took a train ride, made a giant pixie stick, and almost died in the Texas heat! We did have a great time though the Fort Worth Zoo was very nice!!

After the zoo we stopped at Pappacitos for lunch it was YUMMY! The kiddos were exhausted but we thought we better make the most of our day in Dallas, so some shopping was in order. We decided we would go to some outlets in Allen. We hadn't ever been to these but the girls wanted to look for some bedding at the Pottery Barn outlet. Well after we made our trek around DFW we arrived to find there was no PB outlet there. AGGGH! So I told Christie and Leeanne they better get to shopping because we didn't drive all over creation for nothing!! I think we left the outlet with a few pairs of kids jeans. It was not a good experience for any of us, and needless to say we just aren't outlet shoppers!! HA!!

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