Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

We had a pretty low key weekend, we just hung around the house and enjoyed our almost end of summer. On Friday Christie and Mim's came over for lunch and then we went and got some new Lindale shirts. We were dying because Barrett picked out this flat brimmed cap. All the boys wear them now, but I HATE them. He thinks he has to be just like his Uncle Kolby and he got this terrible hat, anyhoo!

Barrett wanted to go through the carwash, it's the little things people, so we did and Jack HATED it!?!? After the carwash I stopped to get gas at Brookshire's. Barrett saw that they had the cokes in the cooler at the cashier and said he wanted to go get one. I gave him a dollar and he walked over to get his drink. I was waiting for the gas to finish and I hear this voice, "mam, you better get to Hollywood." I was looking around like where is this coming from? Then I hear it again, "Mam...Mam". I realize it was the attendant she was talking through the speaker on the pumps. I finally responded, and she could tell I was confused. She told me that I had the next Brad Pitt on my hands, that I had a very handsome little boy. I died laughing and thanked her!! I told her he usually looks alot better when he is not dressed as like Justin Beiber! I don't think she understood that part?!

On Saturday the boys worked around the dealership and then headed to Rough Creek. Jack and I were up to our ears in laundry! And we may or may not have enjoyed the quiet and napped. When the boys arrived home later that night, Barrett comes in and says "Mom I have something to tell you but your gonna be mad." I looked at Ryan and said WHAT? They explained to me that Barrett had been out playing by the cabin and ran inside saying an ant bit him. Ryan thought he was crying pretty hard over an ant bite and went outside to look. He made Barrett show him where he was sticking his finger down into hole, that is a whole other problem, and Ryan stuck a stick in and a small scorpion came out. That's right my baby was bit by a scorpion. They immediately checked him out and iced the bite down. They called Ryan's Mom and she said as long as he wasn't having an allergic reaction, he would be fine. I was so mad that Ryan didn't call me WHEN it happened. I am just so thankful he was OK!! Oh, these boys scare me to death sometimes!!

On Sunday we had a lazy morning and then went to lunch at Cracker Barrel.

We always make the mistake of going to Cracker Barrel on a Sunday, it was SO crowded!! My child insists he loves the food, but the real reason is for the CANDY!!

We spent the rest of the afternoon outside we practiced shooting our bows. Yes it is almost hunting season, and yes that is my baby shooting his bow, tear!

I think someone is mad that he can't shoot yet!

It was a long, hot, summer day; but I know that I will be missing these days all to soon!!

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