Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sunday Funday

On Sunday we hung out around the house with Ryan's family. The boys were excited to have their Nana and PawPaw visiting. The boys had fun helping Nana get ready and playing in all her stuff.

So silly!

We had some lunch and then the boys decided to wash Nana's car for her. Ryan was giving Kolby the third degree! He said, "when I was at home I kept her car and her yard clean, now it's your turn!" Kolby was less than amused, Ha! Big brothers, gotta love them.

Barrett decided to wash his bike......

and then himself?.................

Ryan had taken in a fishing boat at the dealership and the brought it home for the boys to look at. Barrett wanted to go fishing right then and there!! They had fun playing around in the boat. They looked completely redneck playing in a boat, in the front yard!! Oh my!!

These silly boys, sometimes there are just no words!! HA!!

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