Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend at the Beach

This past weekend we spent another wonderful weekend at the beach! After a long car ride with two sleepy heads............................

We made it!! I just love the beach, I don't care for the drive, but when I get there I just want to stay forever!

It was my parents, my boys and I, Christie and Mary Michael, and Julie (my cousin). The weather was pretty good we had rain early on Saturday, but the rest of the time it was great. The beach was absolutely gorgeous! I have no clue why my child HATES to take pictures!

While it rained on Saturday the girls all headed to Galveston, while Big B and Ryan kept my boys. It was the first time in awhile that I have been without both of the kiddos and it was a treat, HA!! We had lunch at one of our favorites the Mosquito Cafe.

We then did a little shopping on the strand! Christie and I wanted some new Waxing Poetic charms for our necklaces.

While on the strand I purchased a book called, "Infinite Monster". It's about Hurricane Ike, and peoples survival stories and accounts of the storm and recovery. I have almost finished it. It still amazes me to this day the lack of coverage the media, and frankly everyone gave to this storm and it's devastation. The book is really great and the stories are amazing!

At some point on the trip Barrett's imaginary friend "pedo" whom we haven't heard about in FOREVER, made an appearance. When Barrett was little he would always blame things he got in trouble for on "pedo". I asked Barrett to draw Pedo a long time ago for me and he did. So when Barrett said something about "pedo" being at the beach house, Christie asked him to draw Pedo for Julie. We thought he might draw something different, but it was exactly as it was ages ago. Pretty Freaky!! So here is "pedo"?!? Let's hope he stayed at the beach!

We had a great weekend once again! I can't believe it is the END of July!! Where has the summer gone? I hope to be back at the beach this weekend soaking in some sun!!

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