Friday, July 9, 2010

A Stinky Day!

We have been quarantined in the house for the past few days. Jack has been sick and I think I have washed his sheets 1000 times!! Yuck!

Yesterday on our way home from Sonic happy hour, a buzzard was on the road in front of us. It started flying away, so I kept driving and apparently he didn't fly high enough. I somehow hit this thing!! AHH!! I can't explain how nasty this was. Luckily he hit the front grill and not the windshield, but it still was not pretty if you know what I mean! B and I were both gagging all the way home! When we got home I washed off the remains of the buzzard, TERRIBLE! I after it was all cleaned, I thought, I pulled my car into the garage. Later when we walked out into the garage, the stench was unbearable!! I quickly backed the car out and then I waked over to inspect the car again. Mind you, I had a surgical mask on because I have a super sense of smell which was not coming in handy!! Upon closer look, there was ALOT of buzzard left on the grill that I failed to see or get off. We were leaving for swim lessons and I didn't have time to got to the car wash right then; so off to swim lessons we went, buzzard and all! Let's just say no one parked next to me, imagine the Texas heat and smell!! YUCK!!

On a much more pleasant note Barrett did great at swim lessons! He might have talked the teacher's ear off, but he did have fun!

After swim lessons we went out to dinner for some Mexican food and then my WONDERFUL husband pressure washed my car! He was not at all thrilled when I told him what happened! He told me that he has seen buzzards break through windshield and the car would have to be totaled because they couldn't get the smell out!! CRAZY!! He said I should always slow down when I see them in the road, don't worry, I will! Luckily he took the car to the dealership today for further clean up. Ha! Hopefully today will be much less eventful!! Happy Friday Y'all!!

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  1. I can't believe you hit a buzzard! I am always scared of hitting birds and people make fun of me for slowing down but once I hit 3 birds as they flew across the road and I have been traumatized ever since.

    Hope your little boy feels better!