Sunday, July 11, 2010

Zoo Day!

On Friday the boys and I headed to the Zoo for a fun afternoon!

We ended up spending more time at the play area at the zoo, because the boys were more interested in running around like animals versus looking at them!

Going to the zoo with Barrett is always a lesson in hunting. For example while we were looking at the white tailed deer, I was showing Barrett how they were in velvet at this time and explaining the process of shedding antlers and etc. He says, "well all I know is that's a daddy deer and I would like to shoot him." Geez buddy!! Then while looking at the mountain lions; he explains to some other zoo patrons that his Dad goes mountain lion hunting and how he wants one to hang on our wall. Oh help me please!

This little boy is finally feeling better, and I am so glad!

No trip to the zoo is complete without petting the goats!

Barrett is kind of over the goat petting, but he knows how to play the game for me. Smile for a picture and I might get a treat, HA! Ryan says to me at least once a day, "he is SO your child!"

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